Best Places To Make Friends With New Parents In Denver

December 6, 2010 4:27 PM

Make Friends With New Parents
When you become a parent, everything changes – including your social life! It helps to have friends who understand what you’re going through, and what could be better than companions who have recently become new parents themselves? Oddly enough, the best places to make friends with new parents in Denver aren’t really “places” at all, but rather, online communities. Once you’ve found your new friends online, there will be plenty of local activities and support groups for you to take part in for some face-to-face interaction. Here are three online Denver communities that offer local events, forums, support groups and kid-friendly activities.–Janna Graber
meetup Best Places To Make Friends With New Parents In Denver

Have you recently become a parent? The Denver pages of this website are a good resource for new parents looking to meet other families in the area. The site is designed for people looking for groups or wanting to start a group and find members. You can even find a playgroup for your little one. The goal is to connect communities and help them grow and build a strong bond.

The Denver section of Parents Connect is a community-centered website filled with local information for parents. The site gives parents the information they need to plan a family day out, find something fun to do and connect them to events that attract other parents. This helps new parents, as well as established ones, by offering a huge sampling of activities, events and meet-ups happening around the Denver area. Parents can plan in advance with the calendar or visit the landing page to see what is currently going on with family-oriented activities and events in science, sports, education, outdoors, indoors, the arts and more.

The popular book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” has guided many a new parent through pregnancy and childbirth. Now the popular book is expanding to help parents connect online. provides parenting tips and resources for pregnancy and the first years of your baby’s life. Although the site contains many resources from professionals and parenting experts, one of biggest draws is the local forum. Here, parents can group together to build a pool of real-life resources and friendships. Denver parents – new and seasoned – discuss local pediatricians, daycare, activities, kid-friendly restaurants and more.