Top Local Actors In Denver

April 16, 2011 11:47 AM

(credit: Denver Center Theatre Company)

There are, quite literally, hundreds of talented actors in Denver. But here are a few that I can ALWAYS rely on to give me performances that stay with me emotionally. Or — just make me laugh out loud.
john hutton Top Local Actors In Denver

(credit: Denver Center for the Performing Arts)

John Hutton

A long time presence on the Denver Center stage, John Hutton’s forte is not just drama, but dramatically damaged characters. He can play comedy, no doubt, but Hutton excels in finding the dark heart of humanity on stage. His Iago is a standout role that I simply cannot forget.

kathy brady Top Local Actors In Denver

(credit: Denver Center Theatre Company)

Kathy Brady

Kathy has been with the Denver Center Theater Company as long as I’ve been in town. Probably longer, but that’s my only frame of reference. I always look forward to seeing her on stage, simply because of the range of emotion and humanity she brings to each character. I never know where she is going to take me in terms. I laugh, I cry, I love to watch her in anything.

paul dwyer Top Local Actors In Denver


Paul Dwyer

I haven’t seen Paul on stage in a very long time, pretty much since the Country Dinner Playhouse went belly up, but he remains, in my mind, one of the most electric comic forces I’ve ever seen in any production. He is working around town now. Catch up with him if you can. That’s next on my to-do list.

Beth Flynn

Beth Flynn can carry just about any role, but stands out in comic performances. Her sense of timing and sense of humor (the knowledge of what is truly funny, rather than the ability to deliver a comic line) is unrivaled in the area. I love to see her name in any cast list.

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