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The fashion industry is just as booming in Denver as it is anywhere else in the world. With all the growth in the Mile High City, the flocks of people moving here and the growing artistic communities, the fashion scene is alive and well, with lots of new looks and great local designers creating the perfect items for a life in Colorado. It’s a little different here than it is anywhere else, thanks to the unpredictable weather and the fact that people here are so active and busy. When you have an active lifestyle, you need the kind of fashion that moves with you, but still allows you to be cute and express yourself. If you’re looking for some fashion trends in Denver right now, here’s a look at what’s hot.
Kyla DeTienne
Birds & Belles Boutique
1113 S. Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80210
(720) 296-2047

Kyla DeTienne started Birds & Belles Boutique just about three years ago, offering a unique approach to the traditional format for vintage and re-sale boutiques. “I work a lot with local artists. I do design some concepts with them,” DeTienne explains, “I’m an artist as well. I have a painting degree, so I’m really interested in connecting with the local arts because there is a lot going on in Denver locally, so there’s no need to outsource.” And it’s her connection to the local art community that helps DeTienne bring in nearly 25 different local artists to her Pearl Street shop, carrying everything from clothing to gift items and jewelry. Here, DeTienne offers a few tips on what’s hot and why it’s a growing trend in Denver.


The upcycling and recycling trend in fashion is big all over the country, and that’s a specific trend that has carried over to Denver as well. It’s an affordable way to find the perfect statement piece, by using something from the past and repurposing it into something totally different. “One thing I’ve noticed in fashion is that if one person does something, everyone else has to do the same thing,” explains DeTienne. “So I like to find things that are different and really stand out. I have several artists that do recycled and upcycled items. Stuff with bullet casings, tire tube earrings and jewelry and other things like that. Actually, about 70 to 80% of my store is recycled.”

The ’70s Are Back

“We just did a fashion show the other day. If you open any fashion magazine right now, you’ll see that one big trend right now is ’70s fashion in general,” offers DeTienne. So you’ll see a lot of bellbottoms again and other similar ’70s items. Take a minute to peruse the Look Book on the Birds & Belle Boutique website and you’ll see lots of modern interpretations on classic 1970s looks. Use of fur, bold patterns, long earrings, feathers and more all make an appearance in these great modern looks. It seems like every decade has its own style, which then returns a few years later with a little modernization and updating. For 2015, it’s time for the 1970s to return.

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Flowing, Floral And Fun

Last year, it seemed like skinny jeans were everywhere. Now, the exact opposite is the trend, with loose, flowing and lightweight fabric. “I see a lot of trends towards flowing items. Just like the bell bottoms, there’s also palazzo pants, floral patterns and really light weight materials. Even Kimonos and other stuff like that are in,” DeTienne explains. The nice thing about the looser fabric and flowing material is that it looks nice on any body shape, and is the perfect way to keep a polished, professional look without sacrificing comfort and movability.

Jewelry Trends

Jewelry can be just as trendy as other pieces of fashion with looks changing every year. Of course, jewelry can also be very expensive, so you’ll want to find pieces that you truly love to wear them from year to year. Trends right now in jewelry come in one extreme or the other. As DeTienne offers, “With jewelry, everyone is either doing really huge, chunky stuff in layers or their doing really thin and delicate pieces.” So if you like the big, chunky jewelry look, now is a great time to find those bold statement pieces. Alternatively, if you prefer simple, then a nice chain or just a small delicate piece will keep you trendy and fashionable, while still expressing your own unique style.

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Denver Trends

The biggest difference between fashion in Denver and fashion just about anywhere else in the world, is thanks to the activity level of the people living here. “In Denver people are more active, and they’re outdoors a lot,” DeTienne explains. “It’s more casual, which changes trends and what people are asking for in general. We have the mountains, we have great weather, but it’s so unpredictable, so people dress in a lot of layers.” The loose, flowing trend for fashion is perfect for Denverites because it works with layering, too. Even workout style clothing is popular here. “I don’t know if it’s the neighborhood I’m in, but there are a lot of moms here and they look for things that are really practical but still really cute. In Denver it’s about dual purpose. Trendy and comfortable.”

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at