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Since fashion trends frequently rotate, it’s only a matter of time until what’s old is new again. However, many trends move out of fashion so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. If you revamped your wardrobe last year and have a closet full of trendy clothes, you don’t have to replace all of them as new styles come into play. Rachel Lubow, Owner of Jewelius Boutique in the Highlands, shares tips on which trends you can move into the next year, and which can be easily updated.

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Black and White Is Classic

For the past few months, black and white has been back in a big way. While color blocking ruled 2013, this year’s color palette was noticeably less colorful. Lubow notes that this trend is likely to carry on through the rest of winter and early spring. “Black and white cocktail attire will be great throughout the holiday season along with 90s crops and high-waisted slacks and coated denim. Leather elements will continue to have a strong presence in the upcoming seasons with an unusually strong showing this spring.” If you have solid blacks and whites in your wardrobe, keep them in rotation, and find simple accent pieces.

Don’t Ditch the Denim

While denim is pretty much a staple, the way in which it’s worn is constantly changing. While skinnies have ruled the runway for the past few years, designers are once again beginning to return to styles with wider legs. Lubow mentions that the past fall has been particularly kind to denim, and she notes this trend continuing into the spring. “We’ll continue to see the rise of denim…everything.” While denim on denim is typically thought of as a fashion no-no, this is a great time to experiment and make it a do by mixing different washes. Add a chic jacket to your favorite pair of jeans.

Make a Statement

The past year has been all about accessories. Each fashion season showed plenty of statement jewelry and this trend shows no signs of stopping. As Lubow mentions, “Statement jewelry can turn any casual basic into a totally new style and is a great way to stay-on trend without really breaking the bank. Switch up your everyday bag, snag an amazing statement necklace or cuff, and layer some new, trendy long necklaces and bracelets for a fun, effortless, fresh look.” Many designers showcased statement bracelets and other jewelry for Spring 2015, so add a few to your wardrobe.

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Go Vintage

In 2014, fashion borrowed from many previous decades, and this will continue into the new year. States Lubow, “2014 combined a wild mix of 90s-inspired street wear, free-spirited bodies adorned with florals and other prints reminiscent of the 60s.” Many designers showed flowy, feminine styles for Spring 2015. If you’ve incorporated some hippie-inspired looks into your wardrobe, go ahead and keep them in rotation. Keeping that floral skirt and adding a new top will update the look in a flash.

Choose Transitional Pieces

Lubow advises that one of the easiest ways to upgrade your current wardrobe is to think about how the look transitions. “Switch things up from day to night. Pair sequined tanks with cut-off jean shorts during the day, and add a worn graphic tee, menswear blazer and black booties at night. Adding a bit of surprise can give your look a fresher edge.” Use the same approach to your wardrobe. Think about new ways to mix and match pieces you already have with newer finds for a shot of freshness.

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Alaina Brandenburger is a freelance writer living in Denver. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.