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As the days grow shorter and the crisp of fall tinging the air, it’s time to start pulling fall clothes out of the closet. This is also the best time of year to shop for new fall and winter clothes to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. It’s time to add sweaters, pants and even a special something for a night on the town into your everyday attire. Denver-based fashion designer Stephanie Ohnmacht breaks down the best of Fall 2015 and offers tips on what to include in your shopping bag.
Stephanie Ohnmacht
Stephanie O Designs
Denver, CO 80202

With a lifelong passion for design, Ohnmacht has created a brand that features tailored sophistication. Her aesthetic is designed to make women feel confident in their clothes and each piece is easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe. While Ohnmacht has been a well-known Denver designer for many years, she recently competed as a contestant on the series “Project Runway: Under the Gunn” and introduced herself to the world. Her designs are available through her website or in several boutiques throughout the city.

The High-Waisted Trend Shows No Sign Of Stopping

If you’ve been rocking your high waisted shorts all summer, you’re in luck. Higher waistlines are still dominating fall runways, seen in a variety of pants and skirts.”High-waisted pants are fresh change from the skinny pant. The high-waisted midi-skirt is still on trend and you can coordinate with a chunky sweater or a long blazer,” says Ohnmacht. This fall, you can stay covered up while remaining fashion forward.

Try The Color Of The Year On For Size

Every year, Pantone chooses its “color of the year” based on trends that have emerged in art, fashion, interior design and other prevalent art forms. The color of the year for 2015 is Marsala —a wine-colored hue. Stephanie likes the color for fall wardrobes, explaining that “Marsala goes well with grey, black or brown and looks great on many skin tones.” In recent years, many of the Pantone “color of the year” choices have been bright and vibrant, but Marsala is more understated, making it easier to carry into the next year.

Find Items To Pair With Your High-Waisted Pants

Adding longer coats and vests to your high-waisted pants helps to balance out the entire look. Such pieces are also on trend for fall 2015. ” (Try) a long blazer or vest, or go more extreme with a long duster coat. You can also pair your high waisted midi skirt with a chunky sweater or a long blazer,” suggests Ohnmacht. By pairing a longer coat with a high-waisted pant, you draw the eye to the outfit as a whole creating a more balanced and put-together look.

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Give Your Feet A Break

After years of sky-high stilettos and stacked heels, lower heels are making a comeback. “Popular shoes for fall include stacked kitten heel and thigh high boots,” says Ohnmacht. In general, shoes tended to be more chunky on the fall runways. Choose an ankle bootie to complement your midi skirt or pair thigh-high boots with your long blazer for an edgy yet sophisticated look. Any of these trends are easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe as well.

Celebrate The Feminine

Although there was no shortage of menswear-inspired looks on the fall  2015 runways, there was plenty of femininity and romance, as well. “A velvet top, dress or jumpsuit is a great for a night on the town or the holidays. Pick up at least one Victorian inspired piece to add a little femininity to your closet,” says Ohnmacht. Frilly collars and intricate textiles are a great way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, and they are perfect for adding that special touch to any outfit.

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