We know the Oscar nominees, now it’s time to plan the party! Sure, you can watch the Oscars on your own, but it’s a lot more fun to create a big party, invite all your friends and have some major movie fun. Why not make a big spectacle of the whole event and really go all-out with the party? If you need a little help, here are some great suggestions from a party planning expert in Denver.
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As You Wish is a premiere service for event planning, weddings, personal events and more. It’s a member of the International Special Events Society, and event designer Heidi Larson plans events and parties with her own signature blend of style and organization. Whether you’re looking for some help planning a wedding or you’d like to create the perfect party for your Oscar night (or any other night of the year), Larson is ready with lots of great tips and expert advice to make your party the event of a lifetime. Here, she offers five handy suggestions to create your own Oscar shindig.


The first step in creating your party is ambiance, which means you’ll want to pull out lots of fabulous décor. “Stick with the basic color combination of red, gold and black. Greet guests before they even enter the party with a red carpet and step and repeat for photographs,” offers Larson. A red carpet can be purchased at any of your local party stores or rented from a local company. Create gold stars and silhouettes of the Oscar statuette that can be hung on the wall. Drape your table, coffee table and side tables in gold linens to add a little glam to the room. Helium balloons in gold and black can add a party statement to any room.”

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Dress Code

Of course, with all big Hollywood parties, it’s all about what you’re wearing. As Larson offers, “The Oscars are all about the fashion, so encourage your guests to dress to impress. Highlight this request on your invitations by warning them the “Fashion Police” will be attending. Then, create a best and worst dressed award to be handed out at the end of the night.” With these fashion tips, you’ll not only create the perfect excuse for all your guests to dress up, but your party is sure to be all over social media the next day.

Food And Drinks

The next step to planning any big party is the food. It’s important that your food and drinks be just right for the occasion. “Design your menu and bar to play off the nominated films. Create food labels so your guests are aware of what film is being represented. For additional snacks for your guests, create a themed movie candy station or a popcorn station,” Larson offers. After all, this is a once-a-year party, so have some fun with the food and drink.

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Oscar Predictions

Now it’s time to start creating the rest of the activities for your party. Start by printing off Oscar ballots, then have some fun with them. As Larson explains, “Create your own Oscar ballots for all of your guests to pick who will win each of the major awards. You can find free printable ballots online. Get a little creative and print them on black paper and provide gold pens for your guest to fill out.” You can even offer prizes for those that get the most right, or those who get the most wrong.

More Games

Keep the fun going with lots of Oscar-themed games. One of the most popular is Oscar Bingo. As Larson offers, “create bingo cards for guest to mark off events like someone cries, winner kisses his/her date, music cuts off speech or winner trips while walking on to stage. Provide glittered star stickers for guests to mark off each event.” Then, of course, be ready with some prizes for the first person to reach bingo. Plan on running a few games during the evening, and end it all with a game of bingo blackout.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.