Meet phone expert Joshua Gold who works for Verizon Wireless in Westminster, CO. Gold can answer most questions on any phone that you might be interested in. He has been in sales for about four years and loves working with Verizon and helping people get the right phone for their needs. He is also knowledgeable with most phones and the best ways to get quality pictures with cell phones. With the technology that is out there today, for most people you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a bulky camera and the phone you have with you most of the time anyway.
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Use Two Hands To Hold The Phone

This might sound a little weird, but as photographers know, you will always use two hands to work the camera. Same thing with the phone. Yes the phone is lightweight but you still need to be steady. When framing up your subject, you will see the subject in the frame, but then you need to use the other hand to push the photo button. If you try to use one hand, your subject will be out of focus as you move to hit the photo button or try to sharpen the image.

Taking Candid Photos

If you have an iPhone, you can use the headphone to take the photo. Simply use the volume buttons to release the shutter. This is a great way to take photos if you are wanting to do some candid photos at a party or event. The second advantage is this eliminates having to touch the phone to push the shutter button and risk shaking the phone. If you mount the phone on a tripod, you can take great selfies, group shots or even low light photos without the worry of being blurry or not getting the entire group.

Use The Law Of Thirds

Pictures are fun and made to be keepers. However, if you use the law of thirds you can easily divide your photo into nine equal boxes and this really helps with composition. You don’t always have to block out that branch to the side or maybe the flower in the bottom corner of your picture. To set up the grid on iPhones, go to settings, scroll to photos & camera and scroll to where you see grid. Turn this on and have fun experimenting with your camera phone.

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Learn The AE/AF Lock

The AE/AF lock can be turned on by tapping on the screen where you want to focus.  On the subject you will see the small box and your focal point will be sharper. This enables you to make sure the subject is in focus and you are ready to take that shot. Simply tap the photo button and you are good. When you hold the photo button down, your camera will take several photos which is a great tool for photographing sports.

Panoramic Photos

If you have a subject such as a landscape or a wide building and you want to get the entire subject in one photo, select the Pano view on your iPhone. You can then push the photo button and start taking your picture. By starting on the left side of the subject, move slowly to the right and you will see your picture being built as you move to the right. You want to make sure not to move to fast as you will get a warning telling you to slow down. Once completed you will see a great panoramic photo and you can custom frame your photo and have the amazing shot on your wall for everyone to be envious of.

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