Ask A Denver Expert: 5 Tips For Giving Your Pet A Quality Bath

November 27, 2015 6:00 AM

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Colorado is a dog-loving state. We have dog parks in almost every city, good trails to walk with your bestie, canine spas, bakeries and even a few dog bars. Pampering and spending time with our pets is a fulfilling pastime for many Coloradans. For these dog lovers, taking special care when bathing your dog at home is important. So, we went to a Denver dog expert for five tips on how to give your pet a good bath. These tips includes health and safety precautions, including how to prevent ear infections and accidental drowning.
Marissa Lundeen 
Dog Owner, Hairstylist and Canine Clothing Designer
Tinkies Closet“As a canine clothing designer, hairstylist, dog owner and former doggie day care provider, I am happy to share a few tips on how to give your pet a good bath. I have always had a strong desire to work with animals, but once I graduated from fashion school, I felt as if I had forgotten about my dream to work with animals. Then it came to me. While working at The Barking Lot, I got the exciting idea to combine my love for dogs and fashion by designing clothing for dogs. Having experience and knowledge in the hair industry and doggy-day-care industry, I have five tips for a professional grooming experience from the comfort of your own home. Feel free to contact me for additional grooming tips or interests in my canine clothing line.”

SafetyKeep safety in mind when bathing your dog. You may want to use a a rubber mat at the bottom of the tub to keep the dog from slipping or sliding. Also, keep the area around the tub dry to keep yourself from slipping and sliding.

Brush Your Dog Before ShampooingBrush your dog before the bath to remove tangles, mats and loose hair. This will keep your tub from clogging with hair, especially if your dog has a lot of hair.

Keep The Inner Ear DryI recommend placing cotton balls securely into your dog’s ears to keep water and soap out from going into the ears. This will reduce the likely occurrence of ear infections.

Use Only Dog Shampoo And Conditioner A dog’s skin has a Ph Balance of 7.5, while humans are at 5.5. This means a dog’s skin has more alkaline, and their shampoo should be at a Ph level of 6.5  to 7.5 or else the shampoo might irritate the skin.

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Prevent Water From Going In The NoseTo prevent accidental drowning, simply place your hand over your dog’s snout like an umbrella when running water over the face.

Options for Drying Your DogAfter rinsing your pup, make sure to towel-dry your dog to an almost dry feel. If you want, you can blow-dry your dog and brush them out. Or, if it’s a really nice day, you can let your dog air-dry outside but do not let your dog roll around in the dirt.

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