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If food is your passion and twitter is your lifeline to the latest and greatest food and drink finds, there is no shortage of Denver-based socially networked gurus out there to follow. To find these foodies, go to twitter.com, register, and and begin following these culinary masters of the Mile High foodie scene.

Muy Bueno Cooking

Food memories make strong bonds. Such is the case for Yvette Marquez–Sharpnack, Evangelina (Vangie) Soza and Veronica Gonzalez-Smith, a mother and two sisters who grew up in El Paso Texas with the luxury of home made tortillas, empanadas, salsas and a myriad of Mexican recipes from Jesusita Mendias-Soza, Vangie’s mother. The three, who took up very different careers as a teacher, a graphic designer and a storeowner, were so drawn to memories of Jesusita’s cooking that they started a blog about their family recipes. To all who enter the site, there is one consistent theme: “Pásale, Pásale, vengan a comer,” which means “Come in, come in. Come in and eat.” This was Yvette and Veronica’s grandmother’s favorite expression. In October, Muy Bueno Cooking will bring guests further into their home with their first cookbook (Hippocrene Books, Inc, 2012), a compilation of traditional and modern Mexican recipes from their personal kitchens.

Boulder Locavore

If local food blogger Toni Dash were a cocktail, she would be a Cherry Bounce for her ability to make food and drinks jump off the screen and take notice. If you aren’t familiar with Cherry Bounce, BoulderLocavore has a recipe here. It’s a Martha and George Washington-era cocktail that uses warm spices like cognac, cinnamon and nutmeg, with tart cherries and some sort of strong-willed spirit for a kick. Yes, warm with a touch of finely sharpened and tart wit best describes Dash’s blog about Colorado restaurants, recipes, cocktails and food-focused excursions. Want to know about Boulder and Denver’s best locally honed-in chefs? This is the place to look. If you love to cook, her recipes highlight local ingredients like Anasazi Bean and Roasted Chile Soup, but Dash also has a penchant for old-fashioned desserts like blackberry crème soft-shelled tarte and “gender-neutral” gingerbread people cookies. All of BoulderLocavore recipes are either gluten-free or can be adapted for gluten-intolerant diets.

Denver Off The Wagon

Their beat is booze and bar none, Denver Off The Wagon is a drinker’s best friend—not in the fall face down on the curb sort of way—but rather, if you are going to drink, then drink the good stuff kind of mentality. Head drinker and editor at Off The Wagon (wouldn’t you love his job), PJ Hoberman has a solid booze-news feed going on with a few tweets per day from multiple off-the-wagon writers. For an early start to happy hour, check out the website tab for “Bars with WiFi.”

Culinary Colorado

There is perhaps no greater fan of Colorado food than Claire Walter. This food and travel writer has covered the state’s finest mom and pop restaurants, snow sports venues and both luxurious and bargain-friendly travel spots. Her Twitter feeds are a collective cake mix of all her various writing projects including Culinary Colorado, Mile High on the Cheap and travel blogs (Nordic Walking USA, Travel Babel). Walter’s warm and friendly writing voice and her insight into this state’s dining and food culture is unparalleled.


Life is sweet at Sugar Loco. The sugar-coated company, owned by Denver-based Jenny Ford, tweets sweet news every couple of hours about pastry chefs, sweet treats by city and recipes. The site has a dessert section about the best desserts to send to a friend or for corporate gift giving. Sugar Loco also has a Kid’s Loco tab for younger candy and dessert lovers, but they are an “eat-responsibly” website and encourage eating vegetables and getting enough exercise for adults and kid’s alike.

Christopher Cina

Christopher Cina, chef/owner of Denver’s Ghost Plate and Tap, likes to play with his food––and the lighting and the aperture setting. Chef Cina says he is not a food photographer, but instead “a chef who likes to take pictures of food.” But once you see his amazing food photos, you’ll likely disagree. He may have a degree in culinary arts and not photography, but Cina is certainly one skilled food photographer. His eye for photography is evident in his recipe shots. The recipes are very good and better yet, he can tell you how to make the dish. His food shots include the finished dish and step-by-step series of photos for skills that need a little more explanation.

Creative Culinary

Barbara Kiebel is a prolific blogger with more than 91,000 tweets. This web designer who loves to write about food is not the sort of blogger who casually ignores her followers. She loyally responds to Twitter followers and engages them in food-friendly banter. Kiebel is also true to recipe testing, and by this we mean that everything she posts as a personal recipe has been tried in her own kitchen. If you have a question, send Kiebel a Twitter message––she will respond faster than you can type in the hash tag.

Colorado Local Wino

If local food is the soul of the soil, then local wine should be the very essence of the region’s character. This is what Jacob Harkins wants you to believe about local wine, in Colorado and beyond. Harkins’ Twitter feeds and web posts help wine lovers expand their taste buds to include local wines, so that those dreaded words, “There are no good local wines,” are never uttered again. With more than 100 local Colorado wineries, it seems that every month someone new gets in the wine game, and Harkins will keep you up-to-date on the latest winery news and vintage releases.

Eater Denver

Eater Denver is fast becoming a go-to Twitter location for top food and restaurants news. You’ll love the Eater Heat Map Twitter messages, which tell you where to go now for the “it” places to dine. Yes, you can still find old-standbys on the Eater’s 38 (Eater’s list of restaurants with staying power), but the Eater Heat Map is about now. In July, the map declared The Squeaky Bean and Sassafras American Eatery were “in,” and Linger and Trillium were “out.” Ouch! While you may not agree with the Heat Map’s choices, it is a good gauge for the ever-changing Denver food scene.

Denver Happy Hour

Want to know what’s on tap at your favorite local brew pub or looking to find the best happy hour specials for an impromptu, after work get together? Follow Denver Happy Hour. The twitter feeds will clue you in to specials for happy hour at bars, breweries, cocktail hangouts, restaurants and even coffee shops. If you’re a sports fan and need to check the scores, they even list which bars are covering specific sporting events. Like live music? No need to miss a beat with the music listing updates.

Kimberly Lord Stewart is a food author and journalist for CBS Denver local, Organic Food Reporter for Examiner.com, and the Food, Wine and Spirits editor for Denver Life magazine. Her book, “Eating Between the Lines” tells readers about the truth and myths of food labeling. Stewart is the recipient of two Association of Food Journalist awards for food news reporting and the Jessie Neal Business Journalism award. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.