Dare To Dream: Love Or LeBron — Who Would Be Best For Nuggets?

(credit: Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)
LeBron James (Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
  • Star Power
    Kevin Love isn't really a household name, but he's easily one of the Top 20 players in the league.
    LeBron has become the face of the NBA. He's the most talented player arguably in the history of the sport. Although his team just lost in the finals, he's already got multiple rings and has gained the respect of NBA fans.
  • Playoffs
    Love doesn't have any playoff experience, but then that's because he's been with the bottom-feeding Timberwolves for his whole career to this point.
    LeBron James has been in the playoffs nine different times, and has two championship rings.
  • Ego
    Kevin Love has been playing in the Twin Cities for his whole career. That says a lot.
    Some people are still bitter with LeBron James for going to play with his friends in Miami after "The Decision," and James might not be happy with the lesser amount of media coverage a smaller city like Denver gets.
  • Team Chemistry
    Love would fit great on a roster with Kenneth Faried, Danilo Gallinari and Ty Lawson. One of them might have to go, though, if the Nuggets could acquire Love, but this sounds like a group Brian Shaw would be able to work wonders with.
    LeBron might be such a huge presence on the court that the other players start to dim somewhat. That seemed to happen in the championship round of the playoffs this year.
  • Scoring
    Love averaged just over 26 points per game last season.
    James averaged just over 27 points per game last season.
  • Defense
    Love is a great defensive rebounder but he's not known as one of the league's top defenders.
    Although he has never won it LeBron James has finished second in the voting for Defensive Player of the Year Award two different times.
  • Rebounding
    Love averaged just over 12 rebounds per game last season.
    James averaged just under 7 rebounds per game last season.
Tie. Kevin Love seems like the right fit for the Nuggets, but what team in their right mind wouldn't want LeBron?