Fort Carson Soldiers Leave For Africa To Help In Ebola FightA group of 160 Fort Carson soldiers deployed to West Africa Monday morning to help with the Ebola outbreak.
Fort Carson Soldiers Prepare To Help With Ebola OutbreakSome Fort Carson soldiers are preparing to deploy to West Africa to help with the Ebola outbreak.
Liberian Community Continues To Raise Supplies To Fight EbolaMembers of Colorado's Liberian community loaded boxes to send back to their native country on Friday. They've been putting together supplies for weeks to help fight Ebola in West Africa.
Project C.U.R.E. Won't Send Staff To Ebola Hot ZoneOne routine is changing for a charitable organization in the Denver metro area as Project C.U.R.E. won't be sending staffers to countries battling Ebola.
Fort Carson Soldiers Prepare To Fight Ebola In West AfricaA group of soldiers at Fort Carson are being trained on how to use protective equipment as they prepare to deploy to West Africa to help with the Ebola outbreak.
Fort Carson Soldiers Prepare For West Africa To Fight EbolaOn Thursday Fort Carson will train about 160 military engineers in advance of their the company's deployment to West Africa to fight the spread of Ebola.
Colorado Health Officials Hope To Alleviate Ebola FearsThe state of Colorado is getting ready in case there is ever an Ebola case in the state. On Tuesday officials from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment spoke about what they've been doing to prepare for any cases that could make its way to Colorado.
Udall Calls For Flight Ban On Ebola PatientsSen Mark Udall on Saturday called for a flight ban on all people being monitored by exposure to the Ebola virus.
CSU Researcher Thinks Ebola Outbreak Could Be Related To BatsCould the massive Ebola outbreak be linked to bats? A researcher at Colorado State University thinks so.
Colorado Hospitals Finalizing Ebola ProtocolsColorado hospitals are training staff to handle possible Ebola patients, but setting up the protocols is still a work in progress.
Aurora Church Member Had 6 Family Members Die From EbolaA church in Aurora is once again collecting supplies to help protect against the Ebola virus in West Africa, and the mission is personal for many members of the congregation.