High School Football Team Helps Weld County Rancher Hit By TornadoThe Roosevelt High School football team traveled from Johnstown to pull double duty at Ulrich Farms in Platteville, after a tornado tore through the small town.
Multiple Vehicle Crash Leads To Closure Of Highway 66 In Weld CountyA crash involving multiple vehicles has shut down Highway 66 in Weld County.
2008 Windsor Tornado Hasn't Deterred Homebuilding In America's Most Twister-Prone CountyThe impact of Monday's tornado in Weld County has some residents reflecting on Colorado's costliest tornado, which hit Windsor 13 years ago.
'It Left A Wake Of Trash': Farmers Say Colorado Tornado Could Be Dangerous For Local Food SupplyThe tornado didn’t cause injuries or claim human life, but it did cause significant damage to nearby properties in the rural portions of southwestern Weld County.  
Weld County Tornado Rated EF-1 With 99 MPH Maximum WindsThe tornado that struck Weld County on Monday afternoon has been rated as an EF-1 with 99 mph maximum winds. The tornado touched down near Platteville.
Weld County Tornado Narrowly Misses Power Plant Near PlattevilleResidents from Denver to Greeley got a wild, almost once-in-a-lifetime show from Mother Nature late Monday when an afternoon thunderstorm produced a large, slow-moving landspout tornado in southwestern Weld County.
Drone Video Shows Damage From Weld County TornadoDrone video shows damage from Monday's tornado that struck Weld County.
Weld County Tornado: With Little Time To React, Colorado Family Hid In BathtubsNational Weather Service experts will be out to look at the damage from the tornado that raked across communities in Weld County, killing animals on farms and ranches.
'It Got To Be Pretty Scary': Witnesses Describe Watching Colorado Tornado Barrel Toward ThemDozens of residents in northern Colorado stared a destructive tornado in the eye as it tore its way through Weld County between Firestone and Platteville.
Weld County, Where A Damaging Landspout Tornado Struck On Monday, Is No. 1 County In The Nation For TornadoesHow is this possible you might ask? Colorado is known for snow, not tornadoes! But that simply isn't true.
Weld County Tornado: 2 Colorado Witnesses Describe Their Unforgettable ViewWhen Kelsey and Cameron Gransee were driving into Firestone to pick up dinner, they looked up and realized a tornado was forming.