Colorado Has Some Of The Most Active Voters In The U.S.Colorado appears to have some of the most active voters in the country, which could place more emphasis on the battleground state in the upcoming election.
National Voter Registration Day Encourages Participation At The PollsTuesday is National Voter Registration Day where people are encouraged to register to vote so they can have a voice at the polls.
Democrats Reject Photo ID For Election Day RegistrationDemocrats rejected GOP proposals to require photo identification for voters registering on Election Day or on the days immediately prior.
Election Year Sets Up Fights In Colorado PoliticsColorado Democrats are coming off a year of monumental legislation and huge controversy.
Hickenlooper Signs Colorado Election Rules OverhaulA Colorado elections overhaul that includes same-day voter registration and mailing ballots to all voters has been signed into law.
Colorado Elections Bill Being SignedThe governor is expected to sign a measure into law that would redefine how Colorado elections are run, allowing same-day voter registration and having ballots mailed to all registered voters.
Colorado Elections Bill Overhaul Goes To GovernorA proposal by Democrats redefining Colorado elections rules to include same-day voter registration and ballots by mail to all voters is on its way to the governor's desk.
Senate Democrats Pass Colorado Elections OverhaulA Democrat-sponsored bill redefining Colorado elections to include same-day voter registration and sending ballots by mail to all voters passed the Senate without support from Republicans who raised concerns about fraud.
GOP Fights Colorado Elections Bill Past MidnightFurious about Democratic-proposed election changes, Colorado Senate Republicans pushed debate past midnight Wednesday arguing against same-day registration and sending ballots by mail to all registered voters before the bill received initial approval.
Major Colorado Election Changes Get 1st OK By HouseColorado Democrats advanced an elections overhaul Thursday that includes mailing ballots to every registered voter and allowing same-day registration — proposed changes that have Republicans nervous about the potential benefit to Democrats.
Colorado Democrats Push For Big Election ChangesColorado Democrats are planning sweeping changes to how elections are run in the state. Democrats want to allow same-day voter registration and to require that every registered voter gets a ballot by mail.