Viral Video: Experts Warn Drone Put Bear Cub And Mom At RiskWildlife experts say the bears were actually trying to get away from the drone -- and that it put the animals at risk.
WATCH: Brawl At Walmart Caught On CameraAn all-out brawl broke out Monday night after a large group gathered in the freezer aisle at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Norfolk, Virginia.
Police: Three Juveniles Use Gun To Bully Boy With Autism In Viral VideoThree juveniles are in police custody after a video surfaced showing a 13-year-old with a gun pointed at his head before being punched several times.
Video: Woman Leaves Friend's Toddler On Stranger's DoorstepThe woman faces a charge of child abandonment, a felony.
Watch What Happened When A Gay Teen Asked The Straight Football Captain To HomecomingYou may have seen a lot of viral videos of high school "promprosals" or dance proposals, but this one takes the cake.
Woman Fired After Viral Video Shows Her Blocking Man From Entering His Apartment BuildingA white St. Louis woman was fired from her job Sunday after she tried to prevent a black man from entering the luxury apartment building where he lives.
Viral Video: Seal Slaps Kayaker With OctopusA kayaker in New Zealand has become a viral sensation after a seal slapped him the face with an octopus. A GoPro video camera captured the whole odd ordeal.
Driver Finds Baby Crawling Across New Jersey Street"Parenting at its absolute worse," Cory Cannon wrote in the Facebook post, which included two photos of the baby crawling in the middle of a multi-lane street.
Ballpark Worker Accused Of Spitting On Pizza, Faces Felony ChargeA food service worker at Comerica Park was caught on camera spitting into a pizza he was preparing for customers as the Tigers hosted the Kansas City Royals.
WATCH: 85-Year-Old Man Fights Off Three Would-Be RobbersA fearless 85-year-old great-grandfather is being hailed as a hero after scaring off three armed men.
Suspect Drops Gun And Pants During Attempted RobberyInstead of walking away with a bunch of money, the suspect ran off without his gun -- and almost lost his pants on the way out.
WATCH: Police Rescue, Arrest Suspect Who Fled Into Canal Filled With Toxic AlgaePolice in Florida ended up rescuing a suspect after he ran from them and got stuck in a canal filled with toxic algae.
Skateboarding In A Skirt And Heels: The Awkward Yet Impressive Viral VideoA video shared on Reddit shows a woman in a skirt and heels, with a big, black shoulder bag, skateboarding down the streets of Denver.
Mother Caught Putting Son's Head In Toilet In Viral VideoA Florida mother says she's receiving death threats after a video of her, apparently putting her son's head in a toilet, went viral.
VIDEO: Shirtless Man Steers Motorcycle With Bare Feet On HighwayA viral video shows a shirtless man steering a motorcycle with his bare feet while traveling at full speed on I-95.