Deadly Chain-Reaction Crash On I-70 In Missouri Caught On VideoOne driver was recording as cars, trucks and semis slammed into each other in a chain-reaction crash during a snow storm on Interstate 70 in Missouri. 
Video: Teen Mortified By Mom's Attempt At Recreating 'La La Land' In Colorado TrafficWe've all been there. It's winter in Colorado and the interstate is stuck at a stand-still. For hours. How do you react?
Wildlife Crossing: Law-Abiding Moose Uses CrosswalkA large bull was spotted cautiously crossing the street at a designated crosswalk Sunday evening.
Mexico's National Airline Trolls Americans With 'DNA Discount'AeroMexico's cheeky new ad targeting American's who "don't like Mexico" is taking off on social media.
Video: Driver Exits Car, Dances In Middle Of Street During GridlockWe've all been stuck in traffic before but one Baltimore driver is getting attention online after a video of him dancing in the middle of the street was posted to Facebook.
WATCH: Ex-NASA Engineer Creates Stinky Glitter Bomb For Package Thieves"If anyone was going to make a revenge bait package and over-engineer the crap out of it, it was going to be me," he said.
WATCH: Special Needs High School Student Shocked By Surprise GiftA student in Arizona recently surprised a classmate who has special needs with a Christmas gift and shared video of the inspirational moment on social media.
New Mom Straps On Baby To Wait Tables During SnowstormWhen a severe snowstorm hit North Carolina Sunday, a new mom took an extraordinary step to be available to wait tables at a local restaurant.
WATCH: Cops Respond To Noise Complaint, End Up Playing Super Smash Bros.Two police officers have become internet sensations after responding to a weekend noise complaint and playing video games with the noisy young people inside.
Prep School Behind Viral College Acceptance Videos Accused Of Faking ApplicationsVideos of students from T.M. Landry College Prep opening acceptance letters from top universities, have become an internet sensation.
VIDEO: Pregnant Woman, Boyfriend Attacked In Mall Parking Lot On ThanksgivingA pregnant woman and her boyfriend are hoping a video will help police a find a group of people who jumped them in a mall parking lot on Thanksgiving night.