'Cold Cap Therapy' Helps Cancer Patients On Chemo Keep Their HairA person learning they have cancer is a shock, and going through treatment can be the most frightening time of their life. Now there is a product on the market that may help ease that fear for some.
Alaskan Mom Comes To Colorado For Cancer TreatmentA new mom from Alaska is coming to Colorado to get treatment for lung cancer.
Colorado Man Proof That Melanoma Treatment Advancement WorksResearchers in Colorado helped lay the groundwork for a new drug therapy that's offering hope for melanoma patients.
Colorado Researchers Hope To Develop Test To Earlier Detect Ovarian CancerResearchers in Colorado are hoping to save the lives of more women by developing a test to detect ovarian cancer in its early stage.
Former NFL Player Spreads Word About Lung Cancer In ColoradoHe tackled pro football players for 12 years, but former NFL linebacker Chris Draft is now battling a disease that took his love, and changed his life.
Chinese Teen Gets Tumor Removed Through Nose In ColoradoA teenager from China is eager to thank a Colorado doctor for successfully removing her brain tumor -- and he did it without cutting open her skull.
Breast Cancer Study Needs VolunteersCan losing weight prevent a recurrence of breast cancer? Researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center are trying to find the answer through a long-term study.
Breast Cancer StudyThe University of Colorado Cancer Center is looking for overweight breast cancer survivors willing to take part in a 2-year national study called "ENERGY" (Exercise and Nutrition to Enhance Recovery and Good Health for You). The ultimate goal is to see if weight loss and exercise can prevent a recurrence of breast cancer. Link: <a href="http://ucdenver.edu/Pages/UCDWelcomePage.aspx">energy.trial@ucdenver.edu</a> ENERGY study coordinator: (303) 724-5683
Trial Drugs Can Be A Cancer Cure For Some PatientsUniversity of Colorado Cancer Center is welcoming a new director who wants to reinvent cancer research in Colorado.