Triceratops Discovery Set In Motion By Construction Site InspectorIt was nearing the end of summer when a construction site inspector noticed something out of the corner of his eye no bigger than a quarter that turned out to be something much bigger.
More Dinosaur Bones Discovered At Construction SiteEven more dinosaur bones have surfaced at the dig for Triceratops in Thornton. This is the latest in a series of fossil discoveries at the site in the past month.
Dinosaur Bones Found Near Big Discovery SiteMore Triceratops fossils were found Monday at the site of the big triceratops discovery last month in Thornton.
Watch: Denver Museum Of Nature & Science Unveils Triceratops FossilThe Denver Museum of Nature & Science on Friday held a public unveiling of the Thornton triceratops fossil.
Watch: Denver Museum Of Nature & Science Updates On Triceratops FindPeople got a live behind-the-scenes look on Facebook of the big triceratops find in Adams County.
Dino Mania Hits Denver Museum Of Nature And ScienceDinosaur mania has taken over the Front Range.
Thornton Triceratops Fossil Available For ViewingVisitors to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science got their first chance to see the triceratops discovered in Thornton on Saturday.
Mugshot Posted To 'Publicly Shame' Dino Site IntruderPolice released a mug shot Thursday to publicly shame a suspect caught trying to sneak into the city's recent dinosaur discovery.
Dinosaur Experts Uncover Second Horn Of Thornton TriceratopsPaleontologists are uncovering even more the triceratops in Thornton.
New Dinosaur Discovery Something Museum Curator 'Has Been Waiting For'Dr. Joe Sertich spent the summer looking for horned dinosaur fossils in North Dakota, but didn't know his next find would be closer to home.
Construction Crew Finds Triceratops SkeletonConstruction workers have discovered a dinosaur in the ground in Thornton.