Weld County Tornado: With Little Time To React, Colorado Family Hid In BathtubsNational Weather Service experts will be out to look at the damage from the tornado that raked across communities in Weld County, killing animals on farms and ranches.
'It Got To Be Pretty Scary': Witnesses Describe Watching Colorado Tornado Barrel Toward ThemDozens of residents in northern Colorado stared a destructive tornado in the eye as it tore its way through Weld County between Firestone and Platteville.
Weld County, Where A Damaging Landspout Tornado Struck On Monday, Is No. 1 County In The Nation For TornadoesHow is this possible you might ask? Colorado is known for snow, not tornadoes! But that simply isn't true.
Weld County Tornado: 2 Colorado Witnesses Describe Their Unforgettable ViewWhen Kelsey and Cameron Gransee were driving into Firestone to pick up dinner, they looked up and realized a tornado was forming.
Colorado Tornado Touches Down In Weld County: Some Livestock Deaths, Damage Assessments OngoingA tornado touched down in Weld County east of Interstate 25 and covered a path of about 14 miles.
What Is Colorado's Tornado Alley? If Live By The DCVZ, You're In ItColorado has one of the higher frequencies for tornadoes in the United States with more twisters on average than places known for their tornadoes, such as Mississippi and Alabama.
Two Of Colorado's 16 Weekend Tornadoes Knocked Down 20 Power Poles, Will Be Rated EF-1The other 14 twisters will be rated as either EF-0 or EF-UNK (unknown) since they touched down in open fields and produced no damage.
Fifteen Tornadoes In Two Days Hit Colorado In the last two days a total of fifteen tornadoes touched down in Colorado! Six of those twisters hit on Sunday.
Colorado Weather: Nine Tornadoes and One Funnel Cloud Reported In Coloradoevere storms produce several tornadoes across Colorado on Saturday! In total the eastern plains saw nine reports of tornadoes touching down from Bennett out to near Sterling.
Colorado Weather: Severe Storms Possible Saturday From Foothills To PlainsA thunderstorm is classified as severe if it produces hail with a diameter of 1- inch or larger, wind gusts of 58 mph or stronger, or a tornado.
Several Tornadoes Hit Colorado Tuesday During State's First Severe Weather Event Of YearColorado's severe weather season kicked off with a bang on Tuesday as thunderstorms developed on the eastern plains.