Henthorn Defense Rests Without Calling Any WitnessesHarold Henthorn declined to call any witnesses nor testify on his own behalf as his defense team rested Thursday morning, moments after prosecutors rested their case following about two weeks of testimony.
Henthorn Relative: He Said ‘My Bride Is Gone’ After Death Of Each WifeWith the murder trial of Harold Henthorn winding down, prosecutors called his sister-in-law Grace Rishell to the stand Wednesday morning where she said after the death of his first wife in 1995, Harold Henthorn said, "My bride is gone."
Henthorn Witness: 'One Of The Creepiest Things I've Come Across In My Life'The second week of the murder trial of Highlands Ranch man Harold Henthorn saw a series of prosecution witnesses testify about the unusual death of his first wife in 1995.
Family Friends Undermine Harold Henthorn's Accounts Of Wife's DeathFamily friends of the Henthorn family took the stand on the third day of the murder trial for Harold Henthorn. They dramatically undermined stories and accounts Harold Henthorn told about the evening his wife, Toni, died.
RMNP Rangers: Area Where Henthorn Took Wife ‘Obscure… Unusual’Two National Park Rangers testified Wednesday that the spot in Rocky Mountain National Park where Harold Henthorn took his wife and where she fell to her death in 2012 was "obscure" according to one and ‘unusual’ according to a second ranger.
Ranger: Woman's Diamond Missing From Ring After Cliff FallA ranger says a woman whose husband is charged with pushing her from a cliff in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park was wearing her wedding ring but the diamond was missing.
Ranger: Man Could Not Explain 'X' On Map Where Wife FellA man charged with pushing his wife to her death off a cliff as they hiked in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park struggled to explain to investigators why he had a park map with an "X'' drawn at the spot where she fell.
Henthorn Dispatcher: ‘Didn’t Feel Like He Was Doing CPR’On the opening day of the murder trial for Harold Henthorn, a 911 dispatcher testified that after Henthorn’s wife Toni fell nearly 140 feet, and as the dispatcher was walking him through doing CPR, she came to the conclusion he wasn’t actually trying to save his wife’s life at all.
Prosecutors: Harold Henthorn Staged Deaths of 2 Wives As AccidentsA man accused of pushing his wife to her death off a cliff as they hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park to celebrate their wedding anniversary might have killed his first wife in what also appeared to be a freak accident nearly 20 years earlier.
Opening Statements Begin In Murder Trial Of Man Accused Of Pushing Wife Off CliffTestimony began on Tuesday in the murder trial of a Highlands Ranch man accused of pushing his second wife to her death off a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park on their wedding anniversary.
Jury Seated In Trial Of Man Accused In Wife's Cliff FallA jury has been seated in the trial of a man accused of shoving his second wife to her death off a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Henthorn Judge Says Murder Trial Will Be ‘A Doozy’On the first day of jury selection for Harold Henthorn, the Highlands Ranch man charged with killing his second wife, Federal Judge R. Brooke Jackson told about fifty prospective jurors the upcoming trial "will be a doozy."
Jury Selection In Henthorn Case Begins WednesdayFederal prosecutors and defense attorneys for Harold Henthorn will begin picking jurors Wednesday for the Highlands Ranch man's murder trial
Henthorn Prosecutors Propose Unusual Field TripFederal prosecutors in the Harold Henthorn case are asking a Judge to allow jurors in the upcoming trial to go on a field trip to the 17th floor of the federal courthouse.
Family Of Harold Henthorn’s First Wife: 'He Killed Her'The family of Harold Henthorn’s first wife, Lynn, now believe their sister’s death was murder, not an accident, which they articulated in their first interview with CBS4 Denver.