Youth Suicide Prevention: Lawmakers Push For More Resources For FamiliesThe goal is to make it easier for families to find and access complete care.
Suicide Prevention Day At State Capitol Focuses On Young PeopleMonday is Suicide Prevention Day at the state Captiol. This year, the focus is on young people and one organization is helping the youth of Colorado.
'Robbie's Hope' Campaign Having Bigger Impact Than ExpectedThey came together to raise awareness about teen suicide, and they ended up raising a lot of money too.
Parents Who Lost Son To Suicide Hope to Save OthersOne family is hoping to spread the message of hope in the wake of the loss of one of their own.
'Man Therapy' Uses Bingo To Help Prevent SuicidesMan Therapy aims to prevent suicide among working men age 25 to 54 — a demographic that accounts for the largest number of suicide deaths in country according to the CDC.
Mothers Bond, Spread Message Of Support After Children's SuicidesTwo mothers, bonded after the tragic events of suicide, helped spread the message of support to other teens at Arapahoe High School and Regis Jesuit High School at a basketball game.
Denver Creates Task Force To Tackle Growing Suicide RateCommunity leaders in Denver gathered to deliver an important message on World Suicide Prevention Day: There is help.
'Below The Surface': Colorado Teens Take Reins On Suicide PreventionA group of El Paso County teens are being honored for their efforts to bring new attention to suicide through a 24/7 crisis line.
'They'll End Up Hurting Themselves': Teens Make Emotional Plea To LawmakersTeenagers testified in favor of a bill at the state Capitol that would allow kids ages 12 and up to see a therapist up to three times without their parents’ permission.
Facebook Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Prevent Suicides"Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for young people, and this is a new approach to prevention," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated.
How Teens Are Helping Other Teens With Suicide PreventionIt took two suicide attempts before a teen found a reason to live and began to wonder if teens hold the answer to the youth suicide problem.