Kellyanne Conway: ‘I’m A Victim Of Sexual Assault’Kellyanne Conway said during an interview Sunday morning she felt for the women coming forward about past sexual assaults because she herself is one of those victims.
Kennedy, Democrats Respond To President Trump's SOTUSoaring stock prices under President Donald Trump have boosted investor portfolios and corporate profits but failed to give workers their fair share of the reward, Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III said Tuesday in the Democratic response to Trump's first State of the Union address.
'Prioritize What Comes First': Governor Ahead Of State Of The UnionGov. John Hickenlooper spoke about Tuesday night's State of the Union Address and focused on infrastructure.
Colorado DREAMer To Attend President's State Of The Union AddressThe White House unveiled an immigration plan that provides a pathway to citizenship for nearliy 1.8 million dreamers -- who are undocumented immigrants brought to this country illegally as children.
Denver Woman Who Wrote President Letter Invited To State Of The Union AddressTwo people from Colorado will be guests of the White House during Tuesday's State of the Union address.
2 Coloradans To Be White House Guests At State Of The UnionTwo Coloradans will be guests of the White House at the State of the Union speech.
Obama Denver Stop Includes Dinner With Woman Helped By Wage PushPresident Barack Obama is calling attention to a Colorado woman who got a raise after Obama called for an increase in the minimum wage.
SOTU: The Struggle for RelevanceWhile it may make headlines the day after, the President's State of the Union speech will find it hard to remain relevant in 2014.
Junction Vet Will Be Bennet Guest At Obama SpeechColorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet says his guest at the State of the Union speech next week will be a Vietnam veteran from Grand Junction whose daughter committed suicide while a member of the Air Force.
Udall Says Surveillance Needs To Be ReviewedThe U.S. government needs to re-examine how far it can legally go in its search for terrorists, Colorado Sen. Mark Udall said following media accounts of the Obama administration's collection of telephone data and Internet communications.
Theater Shooting Victim's Family Looks For Changes After State Of The UnionSome family members who lost loved ones in the Aurora theater shooting are looking for changes in the gun laws at both a state and federal level.