Controversial Sex Education Bill Would Change The Way Schools Teach TopicState lawmakers are discussing a controversial sex education bill. The proposal would change the way public school students learn about the topic.
Colorado Bill That Would Change How Sex Ed Is Taught Moves ForwardAfter testimony from more than 300 people, a Colorado House committee voted 7-4 in favor of a bill that would change how sex education is taught at public schools.
'A Lot Of Misinformation Out There': Bill Defines Comprehensive Sex EducationThree hundred people packed the State Capitol to debate a bill about sex education in schools.
Nursing School Students Teach Middle Schoolers About Health, SexStudents with the University of Colorado College of Nursing are taking on a new role in the classroom -- teaching.
Sex Ed Program To Be Cut: 'It's Going To Be Significant'A group that specializes in teaching teachers about sex education and preventing teen pregnancy will cease operation at the end of the year after losing Federal funding.
Things To Know At The Colorado Statehouse This WeekOne-fourth of the 2015 legislative session is in the books, meaning the niceties are over and longer days await lawmakers.
Bill To Expand Colorado Sex-Ed Standards AdvancesRevamped sex-education standards have now passed both chambers of the state Legislature, despite complaints from Republicans that the new standards could encourage sexual activity and infringe on parental rights.
He Was Always Your Doctor ... And Mine"Besides a few people I've been to war with, my list of heroes is like a sparse cupboard, which became a little more barren with the death of a friend today," Dr. Dave Hnida writes in reference to the passing of Dr. C. Everett Koop.
Colorado House Democrats Pass Sex-Education BillA proposal to revamp standards for teaching sex education at Colorado schools passed the House with Republicans objecting that the bill infringes on parents' control, a charge that Democrats deny.
Sex Education Brings Intense Debate To Colorado CapitolA bill would further clarify existing language in the current law for sex education programs in public schools.
Bill To Expand Colorado Sex Education Standards AdvancesDemocrats advanced a proposal Thursday to revamp standards for teaching sex education at Colorado schools, despite objections from Republicans who say the measure infringes on local control.