Hickenlooper To Give Update On Flood RepairsGov. John Hickenlooper will be in Lyons on Monday to give an update on repairs to U.S. Highway 36 and other roads damaged in last September's flooding.
Estes Park Wants Help Building New Community CenterPeople living in Estes Park want help from Colorado to build a new community center. They believe the lack of such a place became quite apparent after last year's devastating flooding.
Longmont Fire Engine’s Legacy To Live On In Children’s BookCall it "the fire engine that could.” A reserve fire engine was put back into service when disaster struck last fall. The engine was a big help with rescue efforts during devastating flooding, and now a firefighter has put the story on paper.
Red Cross Volunteer From Loveland Heading To Washington WildfiresA local Red Cross volunteer will go to Washington state to help the area reeling from a series of wildfires.
Highway 36 Closed For Repairs Between Lyons, Estes ParkOfficials with the Colorado Department of Transportation have closed Highway 36 between Lyons and Estes Park for flood repairs.
Coal Creek Golf Course To Get Makeover Following The FloodsSince last fall's flooding the Coal Creek Golf Course in Louisville hasn't been up to par, but that's about to change.
Hickenlooper Helps Flood-Damaged Towns Move Forward FasterGov. John Hickenlooper is trying to help cities and counties recover faster from last year's historic flooding. He is changing the process for how federal funding is distributed.
Hickenlooper To Announce New Flood Aid ProcessGov. John Hickenlooper is taking steps to help cities and counties still recovering from last year's historic September floods.
Highway 36 Closed Between Lyons & Estes Park For More RepairsThe ongoing repairs from last September's flooding means another closure for Highway 36.
East Coast Teen Volunteers Help Fill Sandbags In LyonsNowhere are they more sensitive about the heavy rains than in Boulder and Larimer counties where they saw massive flooding last fall. And with flash flood warnings posted across Colorado, people in Lyons pitched in to help homeowners prepare.
More Water Restored To Residents Of JamestownJamestown is close to restoring water service to all its residents.
Rockygrass Festival Sign Of Recovery For LyonsThis weekend marked a milestone for the town of Lyons as they continue to recover from last fall's disastrous flooding.
Devastating Flooding Subject Of New DocumentaryA group of volunteers who helped some residents in Northern Colorado after last fall's devastating flooding is making a documentary.
Forecasters: Computer Models Unclear In Last September’s FloodingUnclear computer weather models made it difficult to predict the location and magnitude of heavy rains during Colorado's deadly September storms, the National Weather Service said.
Evacuees Airlifted During Floods Get Chance To Say ThanksLast September hundreds of people got trapped in their small communities and had to be rescued when flood waters destroyed all the roads. They were airlifted to safety in Black Hawk helicopters.