Officers 'Handcuffed' From Fighting Crime, Denver Police Detective SaysThe president of Denver's police union testified before Congress about why he believes Denver is a sanctuary city.
Police Union President To Testify In D.C. About 'Sanctuary City' EffectThe Denver Police Union president will testify before a Congressional committee on Thursday looking into so-called "sanctuary cities."
Denver Passes Immigrant Protections Amid White House ThreatsDenver's City Council has approved an ordinance aimed at protecting immigrants amid White House threats to revoke federal money from so-called sanctuary cities — but the effort falls short of legal challenges to those threats by Chicago, San Francisco and other cities.
City Council Considers Stance On Protecting Immigrants From Federal AgentsDozens of people filled the room where the Denver City Council met on Wednesday to consider taking a stance on protecting immigrants from federal agents.
Sanctuary State Bill Moves Forward At State CapitolA bill that would designate Colorado the first Sanctuary State in the country moves ahead in the state Capitol on Monday.
City To Hold Study Session On Sanctuary City StatusAurora's city council will hold a special study session on its status as a sanctuary city.
Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Make Colorado 1st Sanctuary StateSome lawmakers introduced a bill that would designate Colorado the first Sanctuary State in the country.
Bill Would Allow Crime Victims To Sue Sanctuary CitiesA bill being considered in the Colorado legislature this week would allow victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in designated sanctuary cities to hold criminally liable those cities and their politicians who don't enforce immigration laws.
Questions Surround Murder Suspect's Immigration StatusQuestions are surrounding a Denver murder suspect who was allegedly wanted by immigration authorities at the time of the murder.
Worried Families Seek Answers About Immigration PoliciesWorried families packed North High School in Denver on Thursday night, looking for answers about local immigration policies and whether the new rules from the White House will affect them.
Sanctuary Cities Threat Could Cost Colorado Cities MillionsDenver has long been known as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants even though it has no formal policy to that effect.