Judge Dismisses Charges Against 3 'Love Has Won' Cult MembersA judge in Saguache County has dismissed charges against three more members of the "Love Has Won" cult.
'Love Has Won' Cult Reappears Online Under New Name: 5D Full DisclosureAfter a mummified body was found in a home near Crestone and several members the religious "Love Has Won" cult were arrested, the group has reappeared online.
'Love Has Won' Cult Members Officially Charged After Leader's Mummified Remains FoundSeven cult members have been officially charged after the mummified body of their leader of the "Love Has Won" cult was found.
What Is The 'Love Has Won' Cult, Whose Founder Amy Carlson May Have Been Mummified By Followers After Her Death?A promise of awakening, peace, love and unity. That's what former followers of the cult Love Has Won say lured them into the orbit of Amy Carlson, who called herself Mother God.
'I Was Not Surprised': Former Cult Member Reacts To Discovery Of Leader's 'Mummified' Remains In Colorado HomeDeputies arrested seven people after investigators found the body of a cult leader inside a home near Crestone in southern Colorado.
CPW Identifies Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease In Garfield & Saguache CountiesColorado Parks and Wildlife is concerned about a virus killing rabbits in 15 counties.
Colorado Investigators Release Facial Reconstruction Images Of 'John Doe' Killed In 2002The victim was discovered off Colorado State Highway 114 in Saguache County nearly 19 years ago. 
Shayla Hammel Identified As Human Remains Investigation Continues In Conejos CountyThe second of three sets of human remains found in a remote area in Conejos County has been identified as a 34-year-old Saguache woman.
Body Of Jesus R. Silva Identified After Human Remains Found In Saguache CountyInvestigators have identified human remains found in Saguache County on Friday.
Hikers Find Human Remains Near Abandoned Mine In Saguache CountyThe Colorado Bureau of Investigation is working to identify the remains.
State Investigators Called To Human Remains Investigation In Saguache CountyHikers found human remains near an abandoned mine on the Western Slope on Oct. 2.