Team CBS4 Has Their Eye On The Finish LineSeveral CBS4 newscasters provided a final update on the progress of their training before the Rock 'n' Roll Denver Half Marathon.
Run With CBS4The 2016 Rock 'n' Roll Denver Half Marathon takes place on Oct. 16. See updates below as Team CBS4 trains for the race!
Smart Pacers Running To Keep Others On TimeWhen the Transamerica Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon takes off, there will be some participants who are running to set the pace for other runners.
Balancing Nutrition Is Important Part Of Half Marathon TrainingNutrition is an important part of training for a running race.
Moreno Blog: 'It Was The Most Recent First For Me'Meeting with a nutritionist was something I had never done.
Haas Blog: 'My Failed Myth About Marathon Training'I never bothered to do the simple math when it came to calories burned vs. calories consumed.
Morfitt Blog: 'What A Fun Experience!'The whole experience has made me so much aware of what I’m eating.
Werthmann Blog: 'What A Difference A ‘Date’ Makes'I don’t think I realized how much I love food until I started running.
Transamerica Runners Train For Half Marathon With A PurposeTransamerica is fielding a team of runners who are working toward a very specific goal.
Haas Blog: 'Don't Feel Bad If You Get Passed By A Tomorrow Chaser'Best of luck to Vanessa, Andrew and the entire Tomorrow Chasers team!
Morfitt Blog: 'Another Run, A New Group'For many of the runners signing up for the Rock & Roll half marathon isn’t just about the exercise, its about supporting family or friends.