Reality Check: Ad Highlights Negatives Of Initiative 300Should Denver's homeless be allowed to camp in almost any public place in the city, indefinitely?
Reality Check: Ad Compares Competing Transportation MeasuresTwo groups have put competing measures on the ballot to do what the state Legislature hasn’t done in regards to transportation funding.
Reality Check: Phil Weiser Attack AdIt's the prosecutor versus the professor in that race for Colorado Attorney General.
Reality Check: Ad On Divisive Proposition 112One of the most divisive measures on the ballot this November is Proposition 112, which would change the future of fracking in our state.
Reality Check: Democrats Launch Brauchler Attack AdCBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd gives a new ad attacking George Brauchler a Reality Check.
Reality Check: Jason Crow Pro-Gun Attack AdCBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd gives the latest attack ad against Rep. Mike Coffman's opponent Jason Crow a Reality Check.
Reality Check: Hard-Hitting Gubernatorial Attack Ad Stirs ControversyA new attack ad in the governor’s race is creating an uproar.
Amendment 74 Gets A Reality CheckDespite Coloradans passing a ballot measure two years ago aimed at making it harder to change the state constitution, there are nine constitutional amendments on the 2018 ballot.
Reality Check: Walker Stapleton Attack AdJust two weeks before ballots go out, Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton is finally on the air with an ad and he wasted no time going on the attack.
Reality Check: Polis Responds To One Misleading Ad With AnotherDemocrat gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis has blanketed the airwaves with ads for the last couple months, accusing competitor Republican Walker Stapleton of running false ads about him.
Reality Check: 'Crooks & Conmen' Ad Follows Attacks On CoffmanColorado’s Congressional District 6 could determine which party controls the U.S. House after November.