Raise The Future Founder, Dixie Davis, Leaves Lifesaving LegacyIn 1983, Dixie van de Flier Davis founded an organization that would focus solely on matching older youth in foster care with loving adults.
Adoption Can Be Transformative In A Child’s LifeWhen a child finds a permanent place to call home, it allows them to blossom into the person they were meant to be. Join CBS4 for A Day for Wednesday's Child all throughout the day Wednesday.
'They Feed Me…They Make Sure I’m Safe': When A Child Has Basic Needs Met They Can Focus On The Rest Of LifeRaise the Future is an organization of experts in finding support systems for teens in foster care, and helping those families thrive.
Pioneering Child Advocate, Dixie Davis, Remembered For Changing LivesDixie van de Flier Davis passed away on Monday afternoon after a long battle with cancer.
‘I Got Dealt Some Pretty Bad Cards’: Former Foster Youth Finds Comfort With New FamilyKatie wasn’t living the life she wanted, but she said she let it play out and now she has what she needed the most – people to rely on.
Aging Out Of The Foster Care System Without Support Can Be A Lonely LifeOrganizations like CASA and Raise the Future work to ease the transition that older teens face as they leave foster care.
Raise The Future Is Giving Parents The Tools They Need To Help Their ChildrenRaise The Future works to make connections for kids, and also supports the families that are made from those connections.
‘I Love Them…They Love Me’: Mentorship Became The Perfect Relationship For One Teen In Foster CareRaise The Future makes connections for children living in foster care, but those relationships don’t always culminate in adoption.
‘They Stepped In And Saved My Life In Multiple Ways’: A Former Wednesday’s Child Gets The Life He’s Always WantedMarcus was first featured on Wednesday’s Child feeding goats, and that sparked the hearts of a couple who weren’t planning on having kids.
Beautiful Families Are Made Through Adoption From Foster Care: ‘Me… Having A Family Now… Is Like A Dream Come True’Raise the Future works on making connections for teens and sibling groups living in foster care who are sometimes the hardest to place.
Wednesday's Child Gets Ultimate Football Experience With Former Broncos PlayerFormer Broncos player Ryan Harris tossed around the football with DeMoni at Empower Field at Migh High.