Temperatures Plummet Prompting Hard Freeze Warning96-year-old Richard Grupp spent most of the day in the dark using only a flashlight in his front pocket.
Winter Storm Causes Thousands To Lose PowerThe winter storm has caused widespread power outages which have left thousands without power along the Front Range.
Residents Don't Let Power Outages Ruin Their HolidayDebris littered a Sloan's Lake neighborhood near Colfax and Perry Sunday after high winds ripped pieces of a nearby roof onto Antonio Fletes’ home.
Xcel Energy Calls For Backup Before Storm HitsXcel Energy is getting ready for this weekend's storm by asking for help before the heavy, wet snow starts to pile up and bring down power lines.
Xcel Calls In Crews From Out Of State To Help With Possible Storm IssuesXcel Energy crews in Denver are preparing for the storm that's expected to hit the metro area this weekend.
Power Restored To Nearly All Following Historic OutagesThree days after Wednesday’s blizzard Xcel Energy has restored power to nearly all of its customers.
Heavy Snow Weighs Down, Snaps Tree BranchesAs soon as heavy wet snow began piling up in Wednesday's blizzard, tree branches across the metro area started dropping.
Oklahoma, Texas Crews Arrive To Assist Xcel In Restoring PowerApproximately 26,000 Xcel Energy customers were still without service Thursday morning.
At One Point 290,000 Were Without Power, No 911 In Estes ValleyXcel Energy crews have been working hard to restore power knocked out by the spring blizzard.
135,000+ People Without Power Across ColoradoThere were more than 118,000 Xcel Energy customers without power on Wednesday morning in the middle of a blizzard warning for the Denver metro area.
Strong Winds Blamed For Power Outages, Downed TreesStrong winds along the Front Range on Wednesday are being blamed for widespread power outages, downed power lines and downed trees.