Plastic Bags To Be Phased Out At King Soopers, City MarketThe parent company of both King Soopers and City Market grocery stores announced plans Thursday morning to get rid of plastic bags used for bagging groceries.
Telluride Cracks Down On Plastic, Wants To Limit WasteThe Town of Telluride wants to see less plastic ending up in landfills.
Plastic Bags Find New Life In Mats For HomelessA resident at a senior living community saw a story on TV about making mats for the homeless out of plastic bags and decided to make her own for people in need across Colorado.
Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Aspen Bag FeeThe Colorado Supreme Court has upheld a 20-cent surcharge on grocery bags in the city of Aspen.
College Student Spearheads Plastic Bag BanA college student is spearheading an effort to ban plastic bags after learning about their impact in an environmental studies class.
State Lawmakers Consider Plastic Bag FeeState lawmakers are considering a bill aimed at charging more for plastic bags.
Fort Collins Group Pushes City Council To Reconsider Bag FeeA group pushing for the repeal of Fort Collins' 5-cent fee for plastic shopping bags is close to forcing the city council to repeal its plan or hold a city-wide vote.
Several Colorado Towns & Cities Now Have Plastic And Paper Bag FeesWhen the Fort Collins City Council approved a plan requiring retailers to charge 5 cents for every disposable bag, it followed several Colorado communities that have enacted similar measures.
To Reduce Plastic Bag Waste, Fort Collins May Allow Businesses To Charge CustomersAfter months of planning and attempts to seek public input, Fort Collins' city council is again considering changes to a proposed city-wide disposable bag ordinance.
Judge: Aspen's 20-Cent Paper Bag Charge Is A FeeAspen's 20-cent charge for paper bags at grocery stores is a fee, not a tax, and can remain in place, a state judge ruled Monday.
Fort Collins Considers Shopping Bag FeeLast year Fort Collins said "no" to charging a fee for using plastic and paper bags. Now the city council is considering the idea once again.