After Small Planes Collided Over Denver Area, Woman Saw Damaged Aircraft Coming Down And 'Just Ran'The NTSB and FAA are at work seeking the cause of a mid-air collision north of Centennial Airport as people deal with the shock of a plane coming down in Cherry Creek State Park and another miraculously landing at the airport with major damage.
Investigation Into Mid-Air Collision Of 2 Small Planes Over Cherry Creek Reservoir Could Take 1 YearIt could take a year for the NTSB and FAA investigations to determine the cause of a mid-air collision north of Centennial Airport on Wednesday.
FAA Investigates Mid-Air Collision Between 2 Small Planes Above Cherry Creek Reservoir South Of DenverCrews rushed to the wreckage from a plane crash after two small planes collided mid-air. No injuries were reported.
Lelon Lewis Identified As Pilot Killed In Plane Crash Near DeckersThe pilot killed in a plane crash over the weekend has been identified. Lelon Lewis, 66, was the only person on board the plane when it crashed in a rugged area northwest of Deckers on Saturday.
Search Crews Find Pilot Dead At Site Of Small Plane Crash In Rugged Area West Of DeckersA small plane crashed in a rugged area northwest of Deckers on Saturday and members of a rescue operation that reached the crash site on Sunday determined the pilot died.
Crash Of United Airlines Flight 585 In Colorado Springs Remembered 30 Years LaterA total of 25 people died in a plane crash in Colorado Springs on this date in 1991.
Follow The Checklist: Colorado Pilot Trainers Explain How To React To Situations Like United Flight 328What were the ingredients in the success of the pilots of United Airlines Flight 328? Instructors at Western Air say they must have followed a checklist of what to do in a crisis.
Plane Carrying Members Of Oklahoma State Basketball Program Crashed In Colorado 20 Years AgoWednesday marks 20 years since a devastating charter plane crash on Colorado's Eastern Plains.
Pilot Identified In Deadly Plane Crash Near Telluride Regional AirportTwo people were killed in a plane crash on Thursday afternoon near the Telluride Regional Airport.
Denver Native Lindsey Vogelaar And Husband Costas Sivyllis And Killed In Plane Crash 4 Days After Wedding In Telluride"My beautiful sister, best friend, and the most gorgeous bride passed away yesterday with her handsome, most cheerful, husband in a plane crash," Lindsey Vogelaar's sister wrote on Facebook.
Newlyweds Costas Sivyllis And Lindsey Vogelaar Killed In Plane Crash Near Telluride"They had eloped to Telluride for a small wedding and adventure-filled honeymoon," the sheriff's office stated.