Delta Air Lines Bans 'Pit Bull Type' Dogs As Service Or Support AnimalsDelta Airlines is banning “pit bull type” dogs as service or support animals on flights beginning July 10.
Blind Dachshund & His Pit Bull Guide Dog Find Forever Home TogetherSince he can’t see, O.J. follows Dozer everywhere.
Outrage After Pregnant Pit Bull, Puppies Euthanized During BirthA pregnant pit bull – described as aggressive by her owners – was euthanized last month while giving birth. Now a Facebook Post last week describing the incident is sparking a debate online.
Pit Bull Ban Lifted In Castle RockThe ban on pit pulls in the Town of Castle Rock has been lifted after 25 years. But a provision on "dangerous dogs" will be in place.
Colorado Town Reconsiders Ban On Certain Dog BreedsNew recommendations presented to the town council in Castle Rock are reviewing all animal ordinances that have not been changed since 1993.
Dogs Found Decapitated On Train TracksTwo dog owners in Mesa County say two of their family dogs were murdered.
Woman Facing Charges Of Aggravated Animal Cruelty After Emaciated Pit Bulls FoundA woman is facing seven counts of aggravated animal cruelty after authorities found three emaciated pit bulls living in a vacant house.
3 Pit Bulls Break Into Home, Attack German ShepardInvestigators are looking for the owner of three pit bulls that were shot dead by a homeowner who said he was trying to protect his own dog.
Man Kills 3 Pit Bulls That Attacked His DogsA man in Colorado Springs shot and killed three pit bulls that sneaked into his house through a doggie door and attacked his dogs.
Pit Bull Ban Survives In Aurora
Pit Bull Vote Aims To Settle Disputes Over BreedsSharee Talbot wants her dog back. For now, though, she has to drive out of town to visit Buddy because the two-year-old pit bull isn't allowed in her hometown of Aurora.