Gov. Jared Polis Tweets Pic Of Pit Bull Puppy At Governor's Mansion, Denver's Mayor RespondsGov. Jared Polis tweeted a picture of a pit bull puppy at the Governor's Mansion over the weekend, just days after Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the Denver City Council's repeal of the pit bull ban.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Vetoes Repeal Of Pit Bull BanDenver Mayor Michael Hancock will not sign a repeal of the city’s pit bull ban. With the veto of the ban repeal, the ordinance will not take effect.
Pit Bull Feedback 'Blows Up' Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's InboxDenver Mayor Michael Hancock said he has not made up his mind whether he will sign a repeal of the city’s pit bull ban.
Petition Submitted To Mayor Michael Hancock As Wrestles With Pit Bull DecisionMayor Michael Hancock isn't rushing his decision on whether to lift Denver's ban on pit bulls. On Thursday, those who'd like to keep it in place submitted more than 100 signatures to let him know.
Denver Votes In Favor Of Repealing Denver Pit Bull BanThe proposal passed by a 7-4 vote and will end a 30-year-old breed specific ban.
Pit Bull Breed Ban Repeal In Denver Passes On First VoteThe ban on pit bulls and other terrier dogs took one step closer to being repealed on Monday night.
Aurora City Council Member Wants Pit Bull Ban LiftedAn Aurora city council member is proposing that the city lift its ban on pit bull breed dogs.
Pit Bull Ban Survives In Aurora
Toddler In Pit Bull Attack Has A 'Long Road To Recovery'The mother of a 19-month-old child who was hurt when a pit bull attacked him in Commerce City on Sunday says she feels lucky her boy is alive.
Aurora Voters Will Decide Pit Bull BanAurora voters will decide this fall whether to allow banished pit bulls back into the city. The ballot question was approved by the city council Monday.
Aurora May Lift Citywide Ban On Pit Bulls Eight years ago the city of Aurora banned pit bulls, but they may allow the breed back within city limits soon.