Search And Rescue Teams Use Drone To Find Missing HikersThe search for missing hikers in the Pike National Forest was a success, thanks in part to a newly-approved drone. 
Illegal Pot Grow Found In Pike National ForestLaw enforcement officers cleared out an illegal marijuana grow site on the Pike National Forest on Thursday.
Mountain Bikers Got 4 Flats Before Discovering Spikes On TrailMountain bikers who use a popular trail system near Denver recently found long nails and screws planted there, and they are worried that the booby traps could cause serious injury.
Forest Service Conducts Prescribed Burn, Smoke Visible For MilesThe U.S. Forest Service conducted a prescribed burn Tuesday in the Pike National Forest that could be seen from miles away.
32 Arrested, 20,000 Pot Plants Recovered After Raid On Grow Sites On Public LandsA total of 32 people have been arrested and 20,000 marijuana plants seized in a series of raids on illegal marijuana cultivation sites around Colorado.
Fort Carson Crews Will Cut Black Hawk Into Pieces To Lift Out Of Crash SiteFort Carson crews are beginning to clean up the scene of a helicopter crash in Douglas County.
Forest Service Breaks Up Illegal Marijuana Grow SiteThe U.S. Forest Service teamed up with several law enforcement agencies to break down an illegal marijuana grow site in the Pike National Forest.
5 Guns Cleared In Investigation Into Camper's DeathThe Douglas County Sheriff's Office has cleared five guns in their investigation into the shooting death of a camper in Douglas County.
$5,000 Fines If Found In Tornado-Damaged Area: 'So Dangerous In Here'There is a warning for hikers after a rare tornado struck the Front Range on Tuesday. The damage to the Devil's Head are of the Pike National Forest about an hour southwest of Denver, is so great the area remains closed.
Rare Myth-Busting Tornado Touches Down In ColoradoYou may have heard at some point in your life that hills or mountains will protect you from a tornado.
More Guns Turned In For Testing In Stray Bullet Camper Death CaseThe Douglas County Sheriff's Office is testing more guns in hopes of finding the person responsible for the death of a camper.