Lawsuit Stemming From Man's Overturned Rape Conviction DismissedA federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Denver authorities filed by a man who spent 28 years in prison for a rape conviction that was later overturned.
Colorado Files Lawsuit To Keep Public Safety GrantsThe State of Colorado has filed a lawsuit in federal court to keep federal funding that benefits state and local law enforcement.
Colorado AG Wants To Crack Down On Robocalls: 'Getting Worse And Worse'Do you get a lot of calls from unknown numbers? Are scammers blowing up your phone? You’re not alone.
Catholic Dioceses In Colorado To Pay Reparations To Sex Abuse VictimsThe Catholic diocese in Colorado will submit to a voluntary abuse review. The church will also pay reparations to victims.
Colorado To Join Lawsuit That Aims To Block Trump's Emergency DeclarationColorado Attorney General Phil Weiser says he will join a lawsuit with more than a dozen other states to stop President Donald Trump from using an emergency declaration to fund a border wall.
Clarence Moses-El Paid Nearly $2M For Wrongful Conviction, ImprisonmentThe Colorado Attorney General calls the case of Clarence Moses-El “a travesty of justice” and says he will not block exoneration.
State Of Colorado Won't Oppose Clarence Moses-El's $1.9M Exoneration ClaimColorado's attorney general will not fight a claim for $1.9 million in compensation filed by a man who spent 28 years in prison for a rape conviction that was later overturned.
Colorado Now Backs Clean Air RuleColorado's new attorney general said Wednesday the state will withdraw from a lawsuit challenging one of the Obama administration's biggest climate change initiatives.
Colorado's New Attorney General Phil Weiser To Break With Status QuoColorado's new Attorney General is shaking things up. Phil Weiser calls himself the “People's Lawyer.”
Moses-El Civil Lawsuit Moves Closer To Settlement With State Of ColoradoClarence Moses-El, the man who spent decades in prison for a rape he didn't commit, may be close to a settlement with the State of Colorado.
Colorado's AG-Elect Phil Weiser Says He Will Sue To Protect Women's Access To Birth ControlColorado's newly elected Attorney General Phil Weiser is already making good on a campaign promise to serve as a check on the Trump Administration.