Chick-Fil-A's New Coop At DIA Questioned By Denver City CouncilChick-fil-A thought they had something cooking at Denver International Airport but some Denver City Council members are questioning the franchise's return to DIA.
New Ordinances Would Give Independent Monitor Complete Access To Safety RecordsThe shooting of a teenage girl by Denver police last week has brought renewed attention to Denver's independent monitor, and now a city councilman wants to strengthen the office.
Denver City Council Votes To Extend Red-Light Camera ProgramDrivers can't stand them, but because police say they improve safety at intersections and because they add significant revenue to city coffers, Denver residents may see more photo radar cameras throughout the city.
Denver Gets Funds To Help Sun Valley NeighborhoodDenver police say a new grant will help them transform one part of the city.
40 Recommendations Made For Troubled Denver Sheriff's DepartmentTask forces reviewing the policies of the troubled Denver Sheriff's Department on Thursday night released 40 draft recommendations.
Denver City Councilman Supports Helping The Unaccompanied ChildrenDenver continues to lay the groundwork for the possible arrival of children who are in the country illegally.
Some Residents Favor Naming New Library After Controversial Hispanic LeaderSome people are questioning the idea of naming a new West Denver library branch after the late Hispanic leader Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales.
Denver Council Vote Moves Ban On Outdoor Ads For Medical Pot ForwardThe Denver ordinance passed Monday night seeks to curb the city's vibrant and competitive marijuana industry. Council members said the city needs to crack down on the advertising.
Denver City Council OKs $40,000 Payout To Police Shooting VictimDenver City Council on Monday approved a payout to the victim of a police shooting that also cost the police officer his job.
Denver Task Force Works To Eliminate 'Food Deserts'A Denver task force is trying to make sure everyone has access to healthy food.
Councilman Favors Lessened Police Presence At Occupy SiteAt least one member of the Denver City Council says the money being spent on law enforcement to oversee the Occupy Denver protests could be used in other parts of the city.