Artist Christo Rafts Down The Arkansas RiverThe artist Christo took a rafting trip down the Arkansas River, the same location he has planned to make the centerpiece for his next art project.
Christo Arkansas River Project Clears Legal HurdleChristo's Over the River project cleared a legal hurdle with a judge upholding state parks officials' approval of the project.
Christo Facing New Lawsuit To Stop His 'Over The River' ProjectThe push for a massive art project along the Arkansas River is facing a new lawsuit.
Artist Christo Returning To ColoradoWorld-renowned artist Christo is returning to Colorado this summer for two lectures about his latest projects.
Appeals Board Upholds Permit For Christo ProjectAn appeals board is upholding the Bureau of Land Management's decision to grant the artist Christo a permit for his Over the River project, which involves temporarily suspending huge fabric panels over parts of the Arkansas River in Colorado.
Artist Christo Takes Small Steps On Colorado ProjectConstruction of the proposed "Over the River" project in Colorado is on hold pending legal challenges, but artist Christo said Wednesday his team is doing other work.
Christo Delays Colorado 'Over The River' ProjectThe artist Christo is once again delaying the timeline for exhibiting his Over the River project amid legal challenges against agencies that have given approvals for it.
Hickenlooper Hops In Raft To Scope Out 'Over The River' SiteGov. John Hickenlooper got a close look at the proposed location of a controversial art project on the Arkansas River.
Fremont County OKs Christo's Over The River PlanFremont County commissioners voted Tuesday to approve a permit for the artist Christo's Over The River project.
Christo's Over The River Now Planned For 2015The artist Christo is pushing back the time frame for his Over the River project, which would involve suspending 5.9 miles worth of silvery, translucent fabric over specific sections of a 42-mile stretch of the Arkansas River.
DU Law Students Aim To Halt 'Over The River'The artist Christo wants to stretch fabric over the Arkansas River as part of a massive art exhibition. But now a group of University of Denver law students are joining in on the fight to put a stop to it before it ever starts.