Outdoorsmans Guide To IcelandOutdoor-enthusiasts will have an amazing time exploring everything Iceland has to offer. Visitors can do everything from hiking on glaciers to relaxing in a hot spring and horseback riding to gazing at the northern lights.
Geomagnetic Storm Downgraded, Some Northern Lights Possible But Not ProbableWhile this isn't good for the hopes of a widespread event, forecasters do note that the Earth's magnetic field remains agitated and some activity is still possible.
2 Tools To Track Potential Viewing Of The Northern Lights In ColoradoAnother potent geomagnetic storm with fast solar winds and strong magnetic fields will brings the lights back to Earth's Northern Hemisphere, but how far south will they be seen is the million dollar question.
Geomagnetic Storm Brings Northern Lights To Colorado, Another Storm Possible Late WednesdaySpace weather experts say the lights could return with a new storm in the forecast.
Colorado Didn't See Northern Lights, But They Were As Close As NebraskaWhile the natural light show didn't materialize Tuesday night the prospect sure was exciting.
Major Solar Storm Could Bring Northern Lights To Denver TonightA geomagnetic storm that began on Sunday, Mar. 15 was being felt on Earth Tuesday in the form of fluctuations to power grids and producing the infamous northern lights.
Planning Your Alaska VacationAre you thinking of taking the trip of a lifetime to Alaska? Take the hassle out of figuring out what to do, where to stay and where to eat by reviewing the tips from this quick guide to help you plan your Alaskan vacation.
Aurora Borealis Will Make A Colorado AppearanceGet ready for what may be a rare light show over the skies of Colorado. Thursday night and Friday night the Aurora Borealis will be super charged and should be able to be seen here in the central Rockies.
Best Places In America For A White ChristmasHoliday travelers dreaming of a White Christmas in America can find joy in knowing they can hear sleigh bells in the snow by visiting places in New England and the Great Lakes region such as Concord, New Hampshire, Madison, Wisconsin and Stowe, Vermont.
CBS4 Is Covering Colorado FirstCBS4 is Covering Colorado First.