Three Takeaways from the Tuesday After Super TuesdaySuper Tuesday was supposed to be a deciding day for the candidates and reset the campaign. Even though the Tuesday after Super Tuesday only featured three states, it will end up resetting far more of the campaign than Super Tuesday did.
Super PACs are Super EnablersBut, because of the support of his Super PAC, Gingrich is upsetting the natural course of primary politics by staying in a race that he cannot win, nor influence.
Even Santorum's Backers Stunned By His Colorado VictoryBased on the polls going into the caucus, Santorum's showing in Colorado was quite a surprise. It was definitely a disappointing night for Romney, but not quite disastrous.
Santorum Wins Colorado CaucusRepublican presidential contender Rick Santorum won the Colorado caucus, one of three states that voted on Tuesday. He also won in Minnesota's non-binding caucus and Missouri's primary.
Surprising Casualty In The Midst Of Santorum’s WinLooking at the results, especially in Colorado, the real casualty of Tuesday’s races was Newt Gingrich, blogger Dominic Dezzutti writes.
Colorado Republicans United Only By Obama DislikeColorado Republicans were divided on their presidential candidates Tuesday but united by a common conviction that the nation is headed in the wrong direction.
Colorado Rocky For Republicans In 2012Note to Republican presidential contenders: Colorado's political terrain is as rocky as its mountains.
Colorado Caucuses Allow A View Of Support Out West Colorado's caucuses offer the Republican candidates for president a glimpse of their support in the Mountain West.
It's Game Time For Colorado RepublicansMitt Romney and Rick Santorum are in Colorado making last-minute pleas for votes ahead of the precinct caucuses.
GOP TV Ads Roll For Colorado CaucusPolitical television commercials are virtually unheard of for Colorado caucuses. But this year is different.
Santorum Campaigns For 2nd Day In ColoradoFormer Sen. Rick Santorum is back in Colorado Wednesday looking for Republican caucus support as he tries to position himself as an alternative to Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential contest.