What Companies Benefit From Coronavirus?Amazon and Netflix continue to do well as coronavirus isolates people in their homes, but many other companies have benefited or may soon.
Netflix To Cut Back On Smoking After 'Stranger Things' BacklashNetflix has promised to curb depictions of smoking in new programs following a report that pointed a finger at its hit series "Stranger Things," whose first two seasons featured tobacco in every episode.
Netflix Is Raising Prices Next MonthThe streaming service sent emails this week to US subscribers about a price increase that starts in their next billing cycle.
More Donations 'Spark Joy,' But Goodwill Can't Take EverythingDoes the name Marie Kondo give you the urge to clean your closet?
Netflix Warns Against ‘Bird Box’ Challenge After People Film Themselves Driving Blindfolded"Can't believe I have to say this," the tweet begins. "PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE."
'Making A Murderer' Sequel Set To Premiere Oct. 19The documentary series won Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey legions of fans and spurred demands for their release.
'13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Comes With Warning From NetflixIn addition to the warning from Netflix, some school officials in Colorado have warned parents about the graphic nature of the show.
Report: Obama In Talks To Produce Shows For NetflixA spokesperson for the Obamas said they believe in the power of storytelling to inspire.
'House Of Cards' Resumes Production Without Kevin Spacey"House of Cards" is back up and running.
The Swift Unraveling Of Kevin Spacey-- In Less Than A WeekIt took less than a week for two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey to go from admired stage, TV and film star to a pariah, under investigation by the police and fired from his Emmy-winning role in "House of Cards."
Netflix Fights Sales Tax Bill In LovelandLoveland sent Netflix a bill for $116,508.22 in September 2016. Netflix fought the bill, but never heard back from the city, so the two are now fighting in district court.