Dozens Become U.S. Citizens In Front Of Picturesque BackdropMore than three dozen people became U.S. citizens with the Rocky Mountain National Park as their backdrop.
New Americans Welcomed After Kids-Only Naturalization CeremonyIt's a naturalization ceremony only for children, a rare event that only happens a couple of times a year. Now, 36 children are proud to call themselves Americans.
'Finally Happening': New Citizen Describes Long Road To CitizenshipOn Monday, 74 new U.S. citizens were sworn in at the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Dozens Take Oath Of Allegiance At Rocky Mountain National ParkOn Monday, 74 new U.S. citizens were sworn in at the Rocky Mountain National Park.
'America Is Already My Home': New U.S. Citizens Welcomed After Naturalization CeremonyMore than two dozen candidates for U.S. citizenship from 18 different countries participated in a naturalization ceremony Thursday inside Denver’s City Council chambers.
New U.S. Citizens Welcomed During Independence Day CeremonyA total of 30 people in Greeley were welcomed as new U.S. citizens during an Independence Day ceremony on Tuesday.
How Hard Is It To Come To The U.S. Legally?To stay, live and work in the U.S., immigrants need a “green card,” which is the only way to ultimately become a U.S. citizen.
After 'Long Trips,' Dozens Of New U.S. Citizens Sworn InNearly 80 people came together Thursday morning to take the oath as American citizens in a naturalization ceremony in Denver.
Denver Welcomes 80 New Citizens In Naturalization CeremonyDenver city leaders officially welcomed 80 brand new citizens to the United States on Thursday morning.
Dozens Officially Become U.S. CitizensDozens of people officially became U.S. citizens and celebrated their achievement this week.
49 Immigrants Take Oath Of Allegiance At History Colorado CenterForty-nine immigrants from 27 countries are now U.S. citizens after they took the Oath of Allegiance Wednesday afternoon at the History Colorado Center in Denver.