New Horizons Space Probe, Partly Built In Colorado, Sends Back First Image From Ultima ThuleIt began in Colorado but now a record-setting space mission 4 billion miles away has sent back a first look at an object on the edge of our solar system.
WATCH: Ex-NASA Engineer Creates Stinky Glitter Bomb For Package Thieves"If anyone was going to make a revenge bait package and over-engineer the crap out of it, it was going to be me," he said.
Sound From Mars Heard For First Time On EarthWas there ever life on Mars? Maybe. Is there sound? Definitely.
Launch With Lakewood High Experiment On Board A Success!After a delay, the 16th SpaceX cargo re-supply mission blasted off Wednesday morning with an experiment by Lakewood High School students.
Launch Delayed To ISS, Lakewood High Experiment On BoardNASA has delayed a launch to the International Space Station because of mold. The mission includes an experiment created by Lakewood High School students.
Lakewood Students Have A Plan To Get People To Mars... And BeyondLess than two weeks after Coloradans helped land a predominantly Colorado-built spacecraft on the surface of Mars, high school students in Lakewood prepared to send one of their projects to space, as well.
Two Littleton Companies Make Short List For Missions To The MoonDeep Space Systems and Lockheed Martin, both of Littleton, made NASA's list to bid on projects to deliver payloads to the moon.
Colorado's InSight Successfully Lands On Mars: 'Very Challenging'For the first time in six years, humans successfully landed a device on the surface of our nearest neighbor, Mars.