Mountain Lion Once Fed Bratwurst Now Acting Like A Wild Lion A mountain lion kitten is acting more like a wild animal after it was fed bratwurst in November.
Mountain Lion Kitten Given Bratwurst Now Recovering WellA mountain lion kitten once fed a bratwurst is doing much better now, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say.
Top 10 Colorado Animal Stories Of 2018The past year, 2018, has 2018 brought us a lot of stories of typical bear behavior, meaning lots of car break-ins starting in the spring and running right through the fall.
Mountain Lion Kitten Sickened After Someone Took It Home, Fed It BratwurstOfficials say someone found the kitten -- believed to be under six months old -- took it home and fed it bratwurst.
Mountain Lion Euthanized After Killing Dog In EvergreenColorado Parks and Wildlife officials had to make the difficult decision to euthanize a mountain lion that had killed a dog in Evergreen, because the wild cat was too sick.
Wildlife Officials: Mountain Lion Trapped After Killing Family's DogColorado Parks and Wildlife officers trapped a mountain lion seen wandering through downtown Evergreen.
'Canine Or Cougar?': Mystery Creature That Crashed Reporter's Live Shot IdentifiedA "creature" walked right through reporter Morgan Saxton's live shot on KUTV's 2News This Morning, sparking debated about what the animal actually was.
Napping Mountain Lion In Boulder Trapped, ReleasedColorado Parks and Wildlife officials say they've relocated a mountain lion found napping under a residents backyard deck on Friday.
Mountain Lion Naps Under Deck In BoulderThe owners of a home in North Boulder discovered that a mountain lion was napping under their backyard deck Friday.
CPW Responding To Mountain Lion Under Deck, Bear Near School In BoulderWildlife officers are reportedly dealing with a bear that has prompted a lockout at a school -- and a mountain lion under a porch.
A Mountain Lion Walks Into A Motel In Boulder...A mountain lion walked into a motel in Boulder... and then wandered back out again.