Mountain Lion Spotted In Area of Homes, School In Fort Collins During Early MorningFort Collins PD says a mountain lion was seen in the area of homes, as well as an elementary school early Monday.
Colorado Mountain Lion's Size And Strength On Display As It Is Seen On Video Hopping Over FenceColorado Parks and Wildlife shared impressive video of a mountain lion recently.
VIDEO: Mountain Lions Act More Like Curious Cats Than Predators In Jefferson County YardVideo captured the interesting behavior of a couple of mountain lions roaming around a yard in Jefferson County. It shows that these potentially deadly predators can also act like common house cats.
Warning Sent Out To Residents In Niwot After Night Cam Captures Images Of Stalking Mountain LionColorado Parks and Wildlife sent out a warning this week to residents in Niwot about a mountain lion.
VIDEO: Mountain Lion Creeps Around Aurora BackyardColorado Parks and Wildlife officers shared video of a mountain lion hopping from one backyard in Aurora to another.
Mountain Lion Found Under Deck 'Deep In The Heart' Of Denver AreaA mountain lion was being relocated after being found under the deck of a home in Englewood.
WATCH: British Woman Gets Video Of Mountain Lion Right Outside Home In BoulderA British woman visiting her mother in the Boulder foothills had an amazingly close encounter with a Colorado predator. A mountain lion spent more than two minutes right outside the glass door -- giving her an incredible view from inside the home.
Federal Judge: U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Illegally Paid For Colorado Predator HuntThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service illegally helped pay for a Colorado program to kill dozens of mountain lions and black bears in an experiment to determine if the predators were partly responsible for declining mule deer populations, a federal judge has ruled.
Mountain Lions Captured On Wildlife Camera Near Eldorado Canyon State ParkColorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding everyone to keep their dogs on a leash after some mountain lions were captured on a wildlife camera near Boulder.
VIDEOS: 3 Mountain Lions Spotted Prowling Through Georgetown TogetherSeveral mountain lions were caught on camera in Georgetown in the past week. The videos shared by "Mayor Parker the Snow Dog" were captured at two different houses.
Mountain Lion Named 'Squeak' Travels Across 558 Miles In Fascinating Journey To ColoradoA mountain lion who was born in New Mexico may be making Mesa Verde National Park its home after it traveled across hundreds of miles in a journey that was closely watched through GPS monitoring.