Bullied Boy With Different Colored Eyes, Cleft Lip Adopts Cat With Same AttributesAn Oklahoma boy and his new pet are stealing the hearts of social media users. 
Teen Smashes Through License Center During Driving TestThe teen, who was starting her behind-the-wheel test, had her vehicle in drive instead of reverse.
Man Arrested, Accused Of Porn Emails, Threatening Female AthletesA Minnesota man has been arrested, accused of cyber stalking female athletes at the University of Colorado in Boulder and other states.
Motorcyclist Wearing Panda Suit Pulled Over On HighwayThe Minnesota State Patrol has "so. many. questions" after someone was pulled over for riding their motorcycle in a panda suit.
Petition Calls For Prince To Replace Christopher Columbus StatueThe time has come for Prince to be honored with a statue in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. And according to one fan, it should replace an existing statue of Christopher Columbus.
Part Of School Destroyed In Apparent ExplosionEmergency responders are on scene of a building explosion at a school in Minneapolis.
Dashcam Video Shows Officer Firing 7 Shots Into Castile CarThe dashboard video taken from Officer Jeronimo Yanez's squad car illustrated how a simple traffic stop shifted from a routine exchange to a deadly confrontation.
Man Accused Of Rubbing Hot Sauce In 2-Month-Old Daughter's EyesA Moorhead man is accused of rubbing hot sauce and cayenne pepper in the eyes of his 2-month-old daughter and keeping her from breathing until she turned blue.