Montgomery To Thank Supporters Monday After Coffman Declares Victory In Aurora Mayoral RaceAurora mayoral candidate Omar Montgomery has yet to officially concede after former congressman Mike Coffman declared victory in the race. 
Mike Coffman Declares Victory In Aurora Mayor's RaceFormer Republican Congressman Mike Coffman declared victory in the Aurora mayoral race on Thursday.
Election Officials Continue to Verify Votes In Aurora Mayor's RaceElection officials continue to verify about 2,300 ballots in the race for Aurora mayor. Former Congressman Mike Coffman leads the NAACP chapter President Omar Montgomery by fewer than 300 votes.
Ballots Delivered On Election Day Create Tension Over Election ResultsThe Colorado Secretary of State is fuming at the United State Postal Service after it was discovered Friday morning that 828 ballots were delivered on the Tuesday afternoon of Election Day.
Missing Replacement Ballots May Play Role In Aurora Mayor's Race ResultsPeople living in Aurora still don't know who will be their next mayor. Even though Tuesday was Election Day, there is still some confusion with the ballots.
Election Day 2019: Mike Coffman Victorious In Aurora Mayor's RaceFormer Congressman Mike Coffman won the Aurora mayor's race on Tuesday by six percentage points.
Aurora Police Union Endorses Mike Coffman For Aurora MayorThe Aurora Lodge 49 Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Mike Coffman for the next mayor of Aurora. The group cites Coffman's dedication to law enforcement and promoting public safety. 
'New Chapter In America': Congressman-Elect Jason Crow Promises ChangeColorado Congressman-elect Jason Crow is already planning to make waves when he gets to Washington, DC.
'Too Bad, Mike': Trump Calls Out Defeated Colorado Republican Congressman CoffmanPres. Donald Trump talked about the Midterm elections on Wednedsay morning and called out defeated Republican Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado's 6th Congressional District.
Jason Crow Defeats Coffman In Colorado's 6th Congressional DistrictDemocrat Jason Crow defeated Republican incumbent Republican Rep. Mike Coffman in Tuesday's election.
Rep. Mike Coffman Fighting For His Political LifeRepublican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman has kept a firm grip on his Colorado seat for a decade, even as his suburban Denver district shifted steadily leftward.
Colorado To Decide Gubernatorial, House RacesColorado's Election Day ticket includes votes for governor, seven U.S. House races and 13 statewide ballot questions.
Coffman vs. Crow Becomes Colorado's Most Expensive Congressional RaceThe outcome of the Congressional District 6 race -- which pits Republican incumbent Mike Coffman against Democratic challenger Jason Crow -- could determine which party has control of the U.S. House.
'President Should Take Heed': Rep. Mike Coffman Reacts To Trump Naturalized Citizen PlanColorado Congressman Mike Coffman is reacting to Pres. Donald Trump's plan to sign an executive order that would end the right to citizenship for the children of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born on U.S. soil.
Republican Committee Cuts Spending For Rep. Mike CoffmanRepublican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman has lost the financial support of the National Republican Congressional Committee in his race against Democrat Jason Crow.