Man Accused Of Assaulting Deputy At Taco Festival Formally ChargedA man accused of assaulting a Denver sheriff's deputy at the Taco Festival last weekend has been formally charged.
Colorado Court To Hear School Voucher AppealThe Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to review a Court of Appeals ruling that allowed one of Colorado's first school voucher programs.
Court Overturns Block Of Douglas County School Voucher ProgramThe Colorado Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court ruling blocking one of Colorado's first school voucher programs, saying Douglas County's Choice Scholarship Program does not violate the state Constitution.
Appellate Court To Hear School Voucher CaseThe Colorado Court of Appeals was scheduled to hear an appeal to reinstate Douglas County's controversial voucher program on Monday afternoon.
Judge Rejects Bid To Allow School VouchersA Denver District Court judge is keeping an injunction in place barring the Douglas County School District from implementing a voucher program.
Parents Confused Over School Voucher RulingParents in Douglas County private schools are wondering where to send their children after a Denver judge stopped the district from implementing a voucher program.
Judge Rules Douglas County School Voucher Program Is UnconstitutionalA judge ruled Friday that the school voucher program in Douglas County be halted immediately because it is unconstitutional.
No Immediate Decision In Douglas County Voucher LawsuitA decision on a Colorado voucher program including religious schools won't come until next week.