Senator Bennet Pushes White House For Utility AssistanceSen. Michael Bennet is among 28 senators pushing the White House to release $900 million to help low-income families pay their energy bills.
Coronavirus Pandemic: Colorado's Cory Gardner, Michael Bennet Vote For Economic Relief PackageColorado's two U.S. senators say there's an urgent need to provide economic relief to residents in the state as coronavirus continues to spread.
Sen. Michael Bennet Calls On Trump Administration To Take Action Against Shortages Of PPE During Coronavirus PandemicSen. Michael Bennet is urging the Trump administration to take action against the critical shortages of medical supplies and personal protective equipment or PPE.
Sen. Michael Bennet Warns Against Bernie Sanders Nomination: 'Tough, Tough Time' Beating TrumpIt’s four days before Super Tuesday and the polls show Bernie Sanders winning Colorado's primary. Sen. Michael Bennet is warning that Democrats will be hurt if Sanders is the party's nominee.
Aspen-Based 'EcoFlight' Pilots Use Planes To Help Save PlanetAspen-based EcoFlight takes to the skies to help people get a better view and see large-scale land issues.
Now Off The Campaign Trail, Michael Bennet Holds Town Hall In LittletonA town hall meeting in Colorado isn’t too different from what Sen. Michael Bennet has been doing when he was on the presidential campaign trail.
Bennet Ends 2020 Presidential Bid In New HampshireColorado Sen. Michael Bennet ended his long-shot presidential bid Tuesday.
Michael Bennet Aims To Finish Strong In New Hampshire Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet told CBS4 on Tuesday he hopes to finish in the top tier during Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire.
Michael Bennet: 'Vital For Me' To Do Well In New Hampshire PrimarySen. Michael Bennet is among a handful of Democratic presidential candidates who are polling in the single digits as New Hampshire's primary nears.
Colorado Senators Vote Along Party Lines In Impeachment Trial Decision Not To Call WitnessesColorado's Senators voted along party lines. Republican Cory Gardner voting against calling witnesses. Democrat Michael Bennet voting for calling witnesses.
Impeachment Trial: Michael Bennet Takes Interruption From Campaigning In StrideThe four Democratic senators seeking the White House want to be out there campaigning, but they’re pulled off the presidential campaign trail and into the Senate to serve as jurors in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.