$13 Million In Meth Hidden Among Frozen Strawberries Seized At Border CrossingA truck driver hauling frozen strawberries from Mexico into the U.S. was arrested Saturday after customs officers found nearly $13 million worth of methamphetamine hidden in the trailer.
Meth Dealer Will Be Deported To Mexico After 22-Year Prison SentenceLuis Castro, 32, was sentenced to 22 years in the Department of Corrections after he pleaded guilty in December to dealing large amounts of methamphetamine across the Front Range.
Meth House Demolished, 19 People Removed & Owner ArrestedLarimer County authorities demolished a suspected meth house, a garage and at least one RV on Tuesday.
Battle Over Meth House In Loveland Ends With DemolitionA six-year battle over a home in Loveland ended in a pile of rubble.
Mother Forgives Son Who Brutally Beat Her After He Dies In CustodyA South Dakota woman says faith is helping her cope with unimaginable grief and sorrow.
Suspect Arrested, Accused Of Supplying Meth-Laced Pot To StudentsA man in Teller County is facing multiple felony charges for allegedly supplying students with marijuana laced with methamphetamine. John Bruce Fifield, Jr. was arrested on Wednesday.
Deputy Who Smuggled Meth Into Jail In Mashed Potatoes SentencedA former deputy has been sentenced to six years in prison for smuggling methamphetamine into jail by having it hidden in food.
Kansas Man Caught With Over 14 Pounds Of Meth In ColoradoA jury found Kansas resident Jose Chavez-Tellez guilty of being in possession of over 14 pounds of methamphetamine.
Haven Helps Pregnant Women And Moms Fighting AddictionHaven was one of the first programs in Colorado to accept infants into residence while their mothers received substance abuse treatment.
Couple Arrested After Toddler Ingests Meth, Fentanyl And OxycodoneThe toddler also suffered burns, possibly from a torch used to smoke meth.
'Who Steals A Cheese Grater?': Meth Use Blamed For Strange Crime Spree“Who steals a cheese grader?” burglary victim Mason Tackett asked. “He’s got the works…Lysol… he stole an empty bottle of spray,” he continued.