Colorado's InSight Successfully Lands On Mars: 'Very Challenging'For the first time in six years, humans successfully landed a device on the surface of our nearest neighbor, Mars.
NASA's InSight Lander Touches Down On MarsAfter seven months of traveling through space, the NASA InSight lander will land on Mars and begin its permanent residence on Monday.
Colorado Fans Gather To Watch 'InSight' Land On MarsA spacecraft built and tested by Lockheed Martin in Colorado landed on the surface of Mars. NASA's InSight mission is the first to make history by becoming the first lander to study the deep interior of Mars.
'Blood Moon' Eclipse Is Longest This CenturySkywatchers around much of the world are being treated to a complete lunar eclipse Friday.
Look Up Tonight, 2-For-1 Show Features Full Strawberry Moon And SaturnAstronomers say this will be the best time of the year to see Saturn.
Question Of Life Beyond Earth Piqued With New Discovery On MarsNASA scientists say the Curiosity Rover discovered new clues in the search for life on Mars.
Spacecraft Built In Colorado Prepares For Launch To MarsA robotic lander to Mars, built in Colorado, will blast off from California before dawn on Saturday.
'WALL-E' And 'EVE' Joining NASA Mission To MarsNamed after the characters in the 2008 animated movie, the small satellites are hitching a ride on the rocket set to launch early Saturday.
NASA Plans To Put Robot Bees On MarsThe space agency says it is working on creating a swarm of robot bees that will fly around the surface of Mars.
40 Years After Viking's Mars Mission, Impact Still Being FeltLockheed Martin is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its Viking lander.
SpaceX Chief Elon Musk Predicts People On Mars In 9 YearsSpaceX CEO Elon Musk says if things go according to plan people will be on Mars just nine years from now.