Attorneys For Theater Gunman To Open Defense Case ThursdayAttorneys for James Holmes will open their case Thursday, offering a less emotional and more clinical assessment of the Aurora theater shooter.
Psychiatrist, Defense Attorney Clash During Theater Shooting TrialA psychiatrist took the stand on Thursday to discuss his sessions with the Aurora theater shooting gunman. During his testimony, a defense attorney challenged the doctor about whether he did enough to diagnose and treat James Holmes before the attack.
Another Of Holmes' CU Psychiatrists Takes The Stand: 'He Hated Humanity'Another important witness took the stand late Wednesday afternoon in the Aurora theater shooting trial. It was a second University of Colorado psychiatrist who treated defendant James Holmes.
Prosecutors In Theater Shooting Trial Wrap Up CaseAfter eight weeks of often dramatic and emotional testimony, prosecutors are wrapping up their case against Colorado theater gunman James Holmes.
Theater Gunman's Psychiatrist Says He Didn't Tell Her About His PlotShe is considered one of the most important witnesses to take the stand in the Aurora theater shooting trial; Dr. Lynne Fenton, the psychiatrist who treated James Holmes in the months leading up to the deadly shooting, testified on Tuesday.
Psychiatrist: Colorado Shooter Never Revealed Murderous PlanThe psychiatrist who treated James Holmes before his Colorado movie theater attack said Tuesday that he had talked of homicidal thoughts, but never revealed any specific targets, plans or coherent reasons for carrying them out.
Theater Shooter's University Psychiatrist Set To TestifyA mental health professional who was doing therapy with James Holmes before he carried out his deadly attack on an Aurora movie theater is expected to testify Tuesday.
4th Juror In Theater Shooting Trial Dismissed, Family Member Shot During RobberyThe judge on Monday removed a fourth juror in the Aurora theater shooting trial.
Theater Shooter's Hatred For Therapists Kept Them In DarkThe person closest to the murderous thoughts of James Holmes before he carried out his attack on a Colorado movie theater is someone he tried very hard to keep in the dark.
Gunman Says He Tried Calling Crisis Line Before Shootings, Then Went On 'Autopilot'James Holmes lingered outside a suburban Denver movie theater for a moment or two, thinking someone at a mental health hotline might talk him out of killing people he didn't know.
Theater Gunman Says He Wishes Psychiatrist Had Locked Him UpColorado theater gunman James Holmes has said he wishes a psychiatrist who treated him before the shootings had locked him up so the attack wouldn't have happened.